Bad Enough For You

Drea Frontera and Harry Styles are both alike. Tattoos, piercings, and not knowing where you come from are 3 of the many things that they have in common. Living in sunny California may be fun counting the bonfires and beach parties, but it's what happens in those parties is what matters. But there is one more thing they have in common... Not knowing what a normal is.


3. Used

"Hurry up we got to go to church" I said as I applied red lipstick. I looked in the mirror at my outfit, I chose a black and white striped skater dress with black tights and my creme vans.

"Whyyyyyyyyyy...." Jackie whined

"Remember what mom and dad said" I responded

She stomped back into her room and came back out in 20 minutes wearing a white crop top with a lace high waisted skirt in the same tone. And her usual black canvas toms with her pink rose earrings.

"We have our necklaces, money..." I trailed off into thought

"Um Dre, here's your car keys" I took them from Jackie's hand and we were out the door.
"Hey Dre, isn't that Ed up in the front?" I looked over to where my sister was pointing and saw him in his usual black shirt and jeans.

"Do not cause any attention towards us nor let him see us. Got it Jacks?"

She nodded in agreement and we went back to listen to the mass. After listening it was now time for the wine and bread. Everyone from each row lined up infront of the priest holding the "bread."

"Dre, look right across..." Jackie said through her teeth.

"Amen" Ed bowed slightly as the priest placed the "bread" on his tongue.

"Shiiii--" I got interrupted

"Now this is the house of God young lady..." The priest scolded me. "Body of Christ..."

"Amen" I let the bread sit in my mouth while I made my way to my seat. I see Jackie and then Ed sitting to her left with only a space for me next to him.

"Hey Sexy..." He whispered into my ear as I sat down

"Why are you here?" I mumbled

"You're not the only one that lives around here, Babe" He smirked

"Just stop" I felt his hand going up my thigh slowly. Is he serious right now?

"Think about why you're here Ed" I shot out

His hand froze and quickly went back to his lap where he interlocked his fingers. We went back to listening to the last 10 minutes of church.

Church was over and I was thinking he was going to follow us home or something instead he just went out the other exit. The only other thing out that exit is the graveyard and the restroom. He probably went to go check on his wang.
At the beach...

"DREEEAAA! JACKIEE!" Yuriana jumped at us

"Hey Yuri!' My sister responded to her

"What's going on?" I questioned her


"Does he still think your name is Chelsea?"

"Oh my... crap! I thought he was quoting That's So Raven!" She pulled out her phone and showed me the messages

Cody: Hey Chels! (:
Yuri: who's dis??
Cody: The lead singer of SIO
Yuri: you're kidding :o
Cody: Nope here's our pic (:
*pic of Cody hugging her*

"You know he wants you right?" I was just laughing at her stupidity

"No he doesn't, he probably felt bad for me.. Plus Warped still has 14 more shows and he's probably going to go home after!" She chattered on

"Wait... If there's 14 more shows then why is Ed still here?"

"What?" "I saw him at church. He basically made me have to go and bathe in Holy Water!"

"Um... Him and his band are over there drinking with the other guys" She slightly pointed towards their little group sitting in their beach chairs.

"I guess they were a local act?" She added

"Let's just go with the girls." We both walked over to our friends sitting down in a picnic table eating.

"What's up Dre?" Perrie greeted me with a mouth full of chilli dog. Natasha just nodded towards my direction doing the same thing as Perrie.

I looked over and saw this girl with long luscious blonde hair and just in her bikini. I glanced over to her body and sucked in my belly in response, even though I was fully clothed.

"Drea, this is Lizzy" Yuri introduced me to her. She got up and hugged me. I felt her toned body on me, um weird

"Would you like a chilli dog?" She said with a bounce and in response her friends jiggled. Great, she's that type of girl. You know the energetic "fun" girl that every one loves.

"Um, no thank you" I smiled and sat down next to Perrie still chomping on her chilli dog.

"C'mon Drea! You never turn down food!" Perrie nudged me with her elbow. I just laughed in response

"Maybe she doesn't want to get fat-er" Lizzy laughed

Did no one else her the 'er' part? As in FATTER? Well excuse me Kate Upton...

"I'm going to go check on my sister ok, be right back..." I swung my backpack over my shoulder and carried my board in the opposite hand. As the "byes" faded into the distance I just heard the sound of the waves crashing against the near by rocks.

"So I'm fat... I've worked hard on my body" I stopped and got back up to go actually find my sister. I carefully walked in the sand to not get that much sand on myself or shoes. I finally got to the sidewalk and placed my board on it. I pushed my right foot against the ground and I was off. I rode up and down the street until I heard her laugh over where they sell the ice cream.

She was standing right next to this boy that I have in my algebra class. Wait, that's Jaime Gomez, I think? 16 year old... With a 14 year old... Who is my sister... My baby! I walked over to them and they were just scared.

"Um hey sis... Whatcha doing over hear?" Jackie nervously spoke

"What're you doing with my sister Jaime?" I pointed out

"You mean my girlfriend?" He implied

"She's 14 and in 8th grade!" I remarked

"You think I don't know that Andrea? I'm not that stupid you know!" He put his arms around my sister and I just about had it.

"How long has this been going on?" "About 6 months..." My sister put her hand on his chest scarily without looking at me. 6 months... We come to the beach every weekend, and sometimes she just texts me that she's going to spend the night at her friends house... Oh hell no!

"Get your hands off her now.." I mumbled

He interlocked his fingers around her shoulder and started to walk away.

"JAAACKIE!" I screamed

"Get ya hands off her..." I saw Nick the blonde guy from Ed's band separate them.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Jaime raised his voice at Nick

"Do you really care now?" Nick hissed back Jaime just shot him a look and put his hand around my sister and walked away.

"Do you want me to--?"

"Just leave them Nick, she has to come home, see you later!" I walked off after he said 'bye' back and went to the girls again.

"Hey!" I sat down with them

"Hey Dre, right before you got here we were talking about going to go swim, Are you down?" Natasha asked me I just nodded and we got up and went to the lockers to put our stuff up.

"SPLASH!" I pushed a ton of water on Natasha's face "Heeeeey!" She put her long hair in a bun as she said that

"WAVE!" I grabbed Yuriana's hand and we quickly managed to run through the water and sand to avoid it. We finally reached dry sand and collapsed on our bellies and saw a perfect view of the guys.

"We seriously... Need... To learn... How to swim..." I said in between breaths

"Drea... Oh... My... Holycrap..."

"Breathe homie breathe..."

"Lizzy... And... Ed... Making... Babies..." She finished

I looked up and saw Liz on top of a long beach chair with Ed on top swallowing each others faces.

"So one minute he's with me..." I breathed in "Of course since she has really big boobs and a stomach flatter than a desk..." I finally had caught my breath

"Let it go Dre... He's like that... Probably..." We got up and dived back into the water majestically to get the sand off our bodies. Kidding we probably looked like retarded sea lions collapsing into the water. Natasha was right behind us while we went over to where Perrie was with the guys.

My crop top was sticking to my upper body since it was wet, but Ed was still with stupid freaking Lizzie McGuire! I looked over and Perrie and Zack were mimicking Ed and Lizzy.

"Drea! Hey girl!" My friend Alex came up to me with his hair wet and body glistening with water. I got to admit Alex was pretty cute, but he's always had a crush on me and I'm not that interested.

"Hey Alexia!" I joked around with him

We hugged and I felt his finger tips go to the hem of my wet top.

"Why do you still have this thing on, its hot!" He lifted up my shirt and it was off. I was just in my plain polkadot bikini.

"Um Drea... Can I ki--?" I forcefully placed my lips on his and let my top fall on a lawn chair. I just felt him smile inbetween each kiss. He's been waiting since 6th grade for this moment and I let him have it.

"Now this is not the girl I see at church!" Ed laughed with everyone

I didn't care we kept going even with some tongue action.

"Drea quit being a slut!" Lizzy tried to make everyone laugh and it worked. I stopped making out with Alex to talk to Bitchy, oops I mean Lizzy.

"How long have you known Ed?" I bitched at her

"Like an hour..." She confessed

"Now shut the fuck up. I don't want any problems..." I looked right into her eyes until she walked to the sand with Ed. 

After making sand castles the sun was finally setting and I had spent the whole day with Alex. I went to go get my backpack and put on my clothes.

"I'd leave those off if I was you..." I smelled the familiar smoke and automatically knew who it was. He pushed me up against the cold lockers and I felt my wet hair drip down my bare back which caused me to shiver.

"Awh, You're cold baby? Let me warm you up.." Ed handed me his smoke and I breathed it in so he could go away. He threw it in the sand and leaned it to kiss me.

"What are you doing?" I looked straight at him. The moonlight reflected on his skin and reflected off if his light pink lips.

"I'm gonna kiss you babe..." He leaned in again

"What about Lizzy?"

"She's ugly..." He kissed my neck slowly


"I mean... I like her tits, they're huge" He got off me

"I'll take you home" He said as he opened the trunk of his range rover to put his surf board in.

"I have to go somewhere else then home. Thanks for the offer though" I placed my board on the side walk next to his car.

"I'll take you... I don't want you getting hurt" He opened the door to the passenger seat and closed it right after I got on. He ran over to the drivers seat and we were off.
"Sandra's Beauty Salon?" He spoke as we got off and walked into the salon.

"Hola Andrea! Who's your friend?" Sandra greeted us sitting in the middle of the salon at the main desk.

"My friend Ed..." He lifted his hand up towards her as I pointed to where he should sit.

"Andrea did you see next door? They finally tore down the ugly walls and re-did the floor!" Sandra said with delight

A smile grew on my face as I realized that my dream was finally happening.

"Thank you..." I hugged Sandra from over the counter/desk thing. She handed me a stack of papers to fill out and I got straight to work.
"So what was that all about?" Ed asked as he made a turn

"I'm making a tattoo parlor, keep going straight down this road"

"You think you'd be ready to sleeve me up Drea?" He laughed

"Do you think I can't? You've just known me for 2 days you know"

"Oh... Yeah... 2 days" He finally pulled into my drive way

"Thanks for the ride" I pushed the button to unlock the car but it wasn't working.

"You think I'd let you go with out repaying me?" He climbed on over to the back seats and sat there scrambling through his stuff. I could get out but why bother to fight.


I climbed over and joined him. He scooted on next to me and we just stared at each other.

"I met a girl before a show,
I thought I'd let her go,
I thought I'd let her gooooo" He sang to me

"Is it good?" He asked me

"Is... Is it about me?"

"I don't know you tell me..." He brushed my hair back with his finger tips and kissed my neck slowly. I felt his hand on my bare thigh trying to place me on top on his lap and I did so. We made out for a good while until he stopped.

"Alright bye" He pushed me off and opened the door

I jumped out and saw him reach over to the back to get my things.

"Thanks again"

"Yeah" He was in the drivers seat already pulling out of my driveway.

Wait, Did I just get used?

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