Bad Enough For You

Drea Frontera and Harry Styles are both alike. Tattoos, piercings, and not knowing where you come from are 3 of the many things that they have in common. Living in sunny California may be fun counting the bonfires and beach parties, but it's what happens in those parties is what matters. But there is one more thing they have in common... Not knowing what a normal is.


6. Up in Smoke



My whole photography club was in front of the school at 6 am due to us traveling far and getting there around 12. 6 hours of being with these stupid people at least I'm with the only person that I can tolerate, Yuri.

"Wait... Dude" I looked over to her in the bus. I felt my eyes open wide.

"This may be the last time we have wifi"

"I DONT THINK I HAVE ANYMORE DATA ON MY PHONE" She looked at it with tears in her eyes

"We're pathetic"

I looked in the two seats infront of us and there was Ed and Alex who were surprisingly talking. What's going on? I tapped Yuri and she saw what I saw.

"Hey mind if I sit inbetween you girls?"

I looked up and saw Cody

"What? Wait? Why? I mean" Yuri stuttered

I got up from the 3 seats and moved to the ones next to them where there was no one. I plugged in my headphones and took pictures of Cody and Yuri so she can have memories. I saw them laughing and smiling at each other. It made me happy seeing her happy, how emotional of me. I saw Oskar walk in with his backpack and another bag. Looks like everyone's coming on this field trip. I think Cody just snuck in or something.

"Can I sit here Drea?" Oskar asked

I lifted up my legs to let him sit then put them back on top of him when he was settled.

It would be awkward if I was wearing short-shorts right now since my legs were on him. I can't really wear shorts right now for reasons.

"They're talking now?" He pointed to Ed and Alex


"You're so sarcastic" He smiled as he looked down on me

And you're so cute with your beanie with your hair poking out. You're cheeky smile and your plugs. No Drea, No!

"Oh shut up Oskar!" I slapped his arm

I looked around the bus and there was couples left and right doing the dirty on this bus. We not couples but just horny girls and boys.

Alex and Ed were staring at us.

"I feel uncomfortable" I looked up to Oskar

"Want to give them something to stare at?"

I looked at him hesitant but gave in. I knew what that meant and it was for us to make out.

I sat myself on his lap and stared into his eyes nervously.

"It's all pretend anyway" He whispered

I was afraid I was going to catch feelings for him. Maybe it was because we went out before and there's still some left over vibe of us being together.

He kissed me while my mind was still on those thoughts. I felt his cute smile widen as we kissed and I managed to keep my smile locked up. I didn't want him to know I actually loved us kissing.

This needs to stop. I got off of him and went back to my position. He was looking at me smiling with his cute little smile. Nononono.

"What are you smiling at?" I asked him regretfully

"Us" He turned his head to the bus' carpet floor

I ignored what he said and went back to playing Fall Out Bird. Yuri had sent me a text

"what's going on here young lady??"
Me: we gave Ed and alex something to stare at... it was oskars idea
Yuri: well you sure gave me and my boyfriend something to stare at... ;)

I twisted me head over to look at her already laughing at my facial expression.

"It's official!" Cody put his arm around her neck playfully

"Can't. Breathhhe." Yuri choked out

"Woooooo!" I cheered for Yuri and Cody

"I wonder who the next couple is going to be..." She teased at me

Oskar and Alex looked at each other then to me.

"I don't believe in boyfriends." I stated

"But you believe in making out with everyone" Ed mumbled

There's he goes again being mean but he knows damn right at night he's going to come to me wanting to make out or something. Oh... I think I've figured out his game. Time to make my own then. I'll just do the same since I have no imagination at all.

Yuri passed me my blanket and I dosed off and took a well deserved nap.
I woke up due to the fact the bus drove over a pothole and I felt someone hugging me while I slept... It was Ed. I tilted my head back to see his face and he was asleep, bless. It would've weird if he was awake and was just staring down at me.

My blanket was over both of us, mostly him, so I slipped it off and got my body out of his grip.

"Noooodontgoineedyou" He sleep talked

Ignoring his useless sleepy comment, I unlocked my phone and checked the time. It's almost 12 o'clock which means were close to the camp thing. This "field trip" seems like one of those things where it turns into play and getting no work done. But I didn't mind.

Where's Oskar? I stretched my neck like I disabled giraffe to scan over the seats. My search didn't last long until I saw him where Ed was sitting with Alex. What's going on? Yuri was snuggling with Cody all cutesy. They were together under blankets since it was cold in the bus.

It's freaking 100 degrees outside, but in here it feels like winter. Now that I think about it it's actually better than being hot and sweaty.

Ed started to move and was slowly waking up. I acted like I was still asleep on the right arm of the seat close to the window.

"C'monnnnn" He mumbled

He grabbed my body and put my close to him again. What the fuck.

"What are you doing?" I wiggled out of his grip calmly.

"Um... I'm sorry I'm just used to sleeping with a girl in my arms"

So I was just his teddy bear, coooool.

"Alright students start packing up and which ever cabin you find is yours! I suggest you run" Our teacher announced

I looked towards Yuri's direction and she was too busy kissing Cody to notice me.

"Dreaaaaa!" Natasha called at me, thank The Lord.

"Is like everyone on this field trip?" I asked

She made her way to the seats infront of Ed and I with her bags.

"Nah just us-- Woah she's with--" Natasha gasped

"Believe it. She wins at life because she's with her celebrity crush"

I heard the door of the bus open and I looked straight at Alex and Oskar.

"Get my bags please" I climbed over Ed and tugged Natasha's hand in order to have her keep up with me.

"Wow it sure smells like nature" She breathed in

"What else would it smell like?" I responded sarcastically

We ran to a cabin and ran around like crazy inside of it.

"Dreyah" Natasha said out of breath

I looked at her as my response

"There's a sign outside that--"

"4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms" I read out loud

I took out my phone and dialed Alex's number. He came in no time with Oskar and Ed.

"Drea here's your bags" Alex smiled

Looks like he's back to normal.

"Ok guys there are four rooms and seven of us" I stated as I pointed upstairs

"Wait, so someone is going to have to sleep by themselves" Alex looked around

"I have to sleep with someone" Ed groaned as he fixed his brown curly hair.

"Yuri and Cody have to have the queen bed together, since they're a couple" I turned to Natasha waiting for her input

"Buddy system?" She answered nervously

"I call Alex." I walked over to him looking at Ed

"Wanna share a room Natasha?" Oskar put in and she nodded her head yes

"Well it would be kind of weird if we both shared a bed together no?" Oskar laughed looking towards Ed.

"True, I guess I'll invite Lizzie to come sleep with me" Ed smirked

Great just great, I'm going to have to deal with her probably walking around in her stupid Victoria Secret panties and a crop top. Why was she blessed with a perfect body? And why do I have to hurt mine?

"I'm going to go sign in" I walked out the door and made my way to the office that was in the center of the camp.

I saw Cody already signing in

"Hey I saved you guys a room" I told him

"We already made plans sorry" He tried his best not to sound mean

Should've seen it coming. He slid me the clipboard.

I filled out the form with our cabin number and the people in it. At least I have Natasha with me. As in girl best friends, I have Alex in the boy department.

"Drea!" My teacher called at me

I looked all over the lobby and all I saw was a dear head that really freaked me out.

"Over here!"

I twisted my head and finally saw her

"Here's a list of objects you need to take pictures of" She handed me a stack of papers and walked away.

I'm guessing I have to pass them out. I looked at the list of 20 objects and saw "Shirtless Male" and "Swimming." I think my teachers high.

I really didn't not care, so I just placed the thick stack of papers next to the sign in sheet. I thought about the extra room and decided to sleep in it by myself. It's not the best idea but I'm used to being alone so it really didn't matter.

I stepped out the office and automatically smelled all the tall green pine trees. The floor was filled with leaves and twigs that would crunch under every step you took.

When I finally got to the cabin I saw Alex on the side smoking.

"ALEX!" I exclaimed and caught his attention but he continued

My body was now in front of him. His eyes were bloodshot and watery, great he's high.

"I thought you stopped?" I asked

"I did but when you decide to be all nasty... It stresses me out" He took another puff from the blunt.

"Do whatever you want." I started to make my way back to the front of the cabin. I felt Alex's grip on my arm.

"We are going to go to the lake in about 10 minutes so hurry" He spoke calmly

I acted as if I ignored him then stepped into the cabin.

"Dreaaaaaaaaa!" I closed my eyes in response to the tight hug that I was forced into hoping the very annoying blonde would vanish in mid air. How did I know it was Lizzie? Well she wasn't fully clothed and she smells like Victoria Secret.

"Call me Andrea." I squirmed out of her hug and made my way to my bag and took it to the empty room that I was now going to sleep in by myself.

I took out a navy polka dot bikini and a black one piece that has ruffles over my boobs. I mean I could wear a bikini but that would mean that I can't eat. One piece it is. Wait I can't swim, I can't. My thighs haven't healed up.

I decided I was going to stay home and do what Alex was doing... Smoke. I honestly don't care about anything.

I threw on a bmth baseball style shirt and bleached high waisted jeans. I'm going to sweat my ass off. I tied a brown, tan, and white flannel around my waist so butt wouldn't show... But I have to admit I do like how it looks in these pants. Then I slipped on my black Dr. Martens.

I saw Yuri and Cody in the living room.

"What happened Yu-Chelsea?" I don't think he knows her real name

"They didn't let us crash together... They didn't want no pregnancies to happen" She said quite bluntly

"You guys can go crash in the room that has my bags. I'm was going to sleep there by myself since you guys were not going to stay here. But yay you guys are here!" I hugged both of them excitedly

I went back to what I was going to do. The kitchen was fully quipped with snacks and drinks. I grabbed a bag of Cheetos for Alex and a Dr. Pepper.

Oskar, Ed, Natasha, and Lizzie were outside playing soccer. Natasha had her clothes on over her swimsuit but Lizzie does not care because perfect body.

"Alex" I turned to the side of the cabin and he was still there listening to music.

"Hey I'm really hungry can you give me those?" He asked all smiley

"I brought them for you dummy, c'mon lets go" I grabbed his hand and led him inside the house to our now room.

I took out his clothes to change in.

"Drea I'm high, not sick or drunk" He laughed

"Sorry I'm used to taking care of people you know that" I handed him his clothes and turned around to zip his bag.

"Hey Alex how did you sneak th-- ALEX" I kind of shouted, I didn't want anyone to walk in with Alex about to slide off his boxers and me right infront of him.

"Don't act like you don't like it" He joked

I bit my lip to prevent myself from smiling. I just stared at him changing.

"You're not going?" He looked at me up and down normally


I quit talking because he walked out of the room for no reason.

"Throw this on" He handed me my bikini and he had another bag of chips in his left hand as he scattered through his clothes.

"Aren't you going to change I'm not looking. Unless you want me to." He laughed again, it's kind of cute and annoying.

"I don't want too" I threw it on the big bed that was against the wall

"Of course you do, you would work hard at the gym for moments like this" he stepped closer to me

"I don't feel like it" I looked towards the bed and sat on it

Alex got down on his knees and crossed his arms onto of my knees the plopped his head on top.

"I'm going to make you change into it"

Oh no
He pinned my arm down to the bed which caused me to fall down on my back.

"I hate when you smoke so much" I mumbled

I tried to get out of his grasp but he had hit my thigh by accident which made me feel pain. He hovered over me and managed to unbutton my pants with one hand and could see the lace trim of my underwear.

"Why are you so cute?" He looked up from my crotch and smiled

I kept my face blank in realization that the window was open. Alex also saw and got off of me to lay beside me.

"That was exciting for me" He laughed

"Yeah because you're high" I got up off the bed and buttoned up my pants and retied my flannel. I went to go look for my list and camera.

I walked outside to take a picture of a squirrel and luckily there was already one eating so I snapped a shot at it.

The next thing was a swimming collage... I'm guessing she thought this was a way to have fun, for me it's going to be hell with Lizzie. 

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