Bad Enough For You

Drea Frontera and Harry Styles are both alike. Tattoos, piercings, and not knowing where you come from are 3 of the many things that they have in common. Living in sunny California may be fun counting the bonfires and beach parties, but it's what happens in those parties is what matters. But there is one more thing they have in common... Not knowing what a normal is.


1. State of California

"4:55... New record Styles, You beat the best... Which is you... Sadly" I mumbled to myself. Probably another hour for him to find his way home. Great, just great.
Punch after punch, Harry grew angrier than he already was. Blood stains his knuckles after every one. Knocking the man to the ground after one solid punch. It was his goal and he always seemed to score. Sweat and alcohol was in the air, moistening Harry's white shirt revealing the black ink that covers his body.

"You don't seem to get it, don't you?" He growled at the man.

Wiping off the blood on his knuckles he reached into his pocket for his cellphone.

"Crap!" He mumbled "Five missed calls and two new texts from Drea"

Harry shrugged it off by putting his phone into his dark skinny jean pocket. He walked out of the poor lit alley while stopping to tie his black vans. Pulling out a cigarette out his pocket. He lighted it and brought it up to his lips, breathing in the mix of toxins immediately calming him. 

As he got closer to his car, he realized he was too drunk to drive. Too drunk too drive but smart enough to find his way home like a lost dog. Puffing out his smoke, he started staggering his way home not regretting what he did.
I heard a faint knock on he door and I knew it was him. I jumped off the couch and quickly opened the door.

"Look at you Harry! All bloody and stinky! Where were you this time?" I called out. He was obviously drunken up.

"I-I was with Niall, yeah.. yeah  Niall!" He even had to reassure himself about his own lie.

"You can't just be dragging him out like that Harry. He has responsibilities, a daughter! Where's your car?" I looked out the window scared.

"Um yeah, It's on the road thing..." He said while trying to lie on the couch.

"Nah uh, What'd you think you're doing? Get your ass up and shower before you get on my couch" My voice rose as I pointed down the hallway.

He staggered to the bathroom and managed to get in the shower in record time.

"God, please don't let this dumbass drown" I spoke outloud

"Hey, umm..." He stood in the doorway wearing only a towel. So I'm guessing he's gonna say he's sorry since he knows I can't resist him without a shirt.

"Go put on clothes first, here." I handed him his pajamas that I had prepared.

He took off his towel and slipped on his boxers. Then put on his sweats backwards and tried to put his head through a sleeve.

"Ugh let me help you" I groaned while flipping his shorts inside out. His eyes were plastered on me as I did so.

"What?" I questioned his stare.

"You bitch" He managed to say through his shirt while putting it on.

"What did I ever do? If anything I should be the one calling names here!" I sat on the couch and he joined me.

"It's just... You're so beautiful" He placed his head on my shoulder.

"And you're drunk, C'mon lets take you to bed" I got up and tried to pull him up with me.

"I'm not a child Drea. I don't need you doing everything for me!" He shouted.

"I'm trying to protect you! Don't you see the state you are in!" I shouted back. "It'd be nice if you did the same..." I said under my breath.

"I can protect myself, Wait what did you just say?" He got up from the couch towering over me. "Drea... What did you fucking say!"

I stepped back away from him, keeping my distance.

"It'd be nice if you did the same, you know protect me! Instead of going out and getting drunk every night and having me as your nanny!"

"Don't go there. All I have done is protect you! Damn you're so ignorant" He shouted while walking towards the front door.

"I wish... I wish I would've never met you!" The words slipped out of my mouth.

He turned around and closed his eyes for a bit.

"Oh, and by the way the state that I am in is California. Goodbye" He slammed the door shut.

I've really messed it up this time haven't I, but sometimes I really do wish I haven't had met him.

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