Bad Enough For You

Drea Frontera and Harry Styles are both alike. Tattoos, piercings, and not knowing where you come from are 3 of the many things that they have in common. Living in sunny California may be fun counting the bonfires and beach parties, but it's what happens in those parties is what matters. But there is one more thing they have in common... Not knowing what a normal is.


5. Scared

The next day...

"Ok class we're going to continue with angles.." Mr. Winters announced as he turned on his projector. 

I decided not to socialize with Ed or even try to talk to him because what's the point if I'm going to be ignored. I saw Louis staring at me for some reason. Am I even more hideous then yesterday? Oh, wait. My shirt shows cleavage. Well it's not like I want it to show. It's more like a shirt that I have to pull up back into place ever so often.

Actually all the boys were staring at me like a caveman that has just discovered fire. "Ooh! Ah! Boobies!"... Sorry. I guess it's a discovery to them since I always wear sweaters that block out my boobs and cover my ass. I rarely show my arms or anything but it's close

That's the one thing that gets you no where at my school. But if you were the type of girl that would wear a crop top and booty shorts you'd get treated like royalty a.k.a. the cluster of bitches that sit infront of me. 

Lizzie was in that group, no shit. There's not really a dress code at my school since it's located in the ghetto and as long as you're covering your privates, your good. That's why I wasn't "popular" or really liked amongst the boys since I basically acted like a boy by the way I dressed.

Ed walked in and went straight to his seat greeting his jock friends.

"Hey Ed" I smiled at him I'm going to use this to my advantage. I just let my shirt hang loose. I'm glad our teacher never turns around, I would feel uncomfortable with a 50 year old man in presence of my boobs.

"Hey Andreah... Um..." He stared at my high waisted jeans and my choice of spaghetti strap flow-y top.

"Your shirt... It's low." He coughed out

"Oh, can you fix it for me then?" I slightly fluttered my eyelashes, slightly. My hair was up in a really messed up bun.

He reached for the straps of my shirt and pulled them back. I felt my skin create goosebumps against his touch.

"Ok class write this down..."

"I need a pencil, great" I scrambled around my backpack.

"Here babe" Louis reached over Ed's desk to get to mine and handed me his pencil

"Watch out dickhead" Ed spat out while he sat all the way back in his seat with his arms crossed.

"I didn't even touch you?" Louis looked at him confusedly

"Thanks Lou" I began to write what was projected on the wall

Fuck what does x equal too? I'm so stupid I swear!

"X equals..." I spoke outloud

"Oh x equals 69... If you know what I'm saying!" This guy named Brandon high fived his friend

Wow so this is how it feels like to be popular... No I'm kidding.

"Actually x is 60 Andrea" This cute guy named Oskar smiled at me from across the room, well I actually like this now. This is the most attention I've gotten in ALL of my life. How sad. Ed just stayed in his position looking kind of mad, for no reason at all.

"Hey can you switch seats with me" Oskar told this girl named Casey who sat to my left.

"Heeeeey!" Oskar chimed in

Wait does he really think I know him? Oh, I remember I dated him in 8th grade... Awkward. Puberty did him good, he has some tattoos and mini plugs. Did I mention his cute smile?

"What's up?" I smiled at him

"Heeeeey Oskar!" Ed hovered over my desk to do the "boy handshake" as I like to call it.

"Why'd you move over here?" I asked him ignoring Ed

"I wanted to be with you, plus you look lonely with all the boys" He responded

"Well she has me." Ed put his arm around me

"Oh I see"

"We're not dating he's just playing around with me" I slipped his arm off my bare shoulder

"Nah" Ed put his arm around me again

"Wooooo! Get you some!" Brandon hollered

"Ed and Andreaaaa! Woooooooo" The boys started chanting our names and I just froze

He took his arm off me and put his head down on the desk whilst still sticking out his middle finger.

"Hey if you don't want Andrea I'll have her" A random guy called out

"Nah she mine!" Oskar made fun of Ed by mimicking him putting his arms around me. Luckily Ed couldn't see him or else I think he'd punch him or something.

"Yeah I'm his girl! Hahaha" I joked around getting closer to me . He let go of me and we started laughing at each other.

"Do you want to chill after school?" He asked me and all of a sudden Ed resurrected from the dead and turned to us

"Sure sounds fun, buuuut you'd have to help me with my tattoo shop" I told Oskar

After school...

"So you bought all these frame cases thingys for..." Oskar asked me as he sat on the paint splattered ladder

"I have to draw a crap ton of designs and then place them in there theeeen hang them up on the walls so my customers can see my designs" I breathed in, that was a mouth full.

"Wasssssssup Oskar!" Alex smiled at his homeboy

"Waddup Alex!" They both did the boy handshake, he didn't seem mad or jealous. It's a miracle!

"Hey can you guys get the boxes from the back, they're too heavy for me"

"Beat ya!" Alex ran to the back then Oskar followed. I heard the door bell ring and of course it was Ed.

"It's coming along nicely..." He looked around the less empty shop


He walked up to me and my makeshift desk and looked me in the eyes.

"Yes?" I looked at him weirdly

"You're so beautiful... I mean, you don't have to dress like that to get my attention"

"I didn't dress for you or anyone. It's 100 degrees outside, it's close to summer." I replied. I sat on my high stool and he stoop right infront of me.

"It would be nice if you dressed like this more often, sweetie" He whispered in my ear as he slid his finger under my shirt strap. He tugged it down revealing my collarbone and started leaving soft kisses along my exposed skin. I placed my arms around his neck in response.

He moved my knees causing me to open my legs. He stepped into them and my body stiffened.

"Scared of me?" His dark eyes looked up and met mine.

"N-No" Crap, I stuttered

"Then show me you're not scared princess..." He continued kissing me leaving my strap to hang off my shoulder.

"So uh... When will the shop be ready?" He asked still standing in between my legs. I wasn't uncomfortable, surprisingly.

"When summer begins, I still need some permits"

He grabbed my chin lightly with his finger tips and pecked at my lips for what seemed hours.

"C'mon" He motioned to the an unfinished area that only had a long counter.

I looked at him confusedly and he got inpatient and grabbed me from under my thighs pulling me up and I wrapped my legs around his torso.

"Fuck..." He looked straight at me. I saw his eyes move around all over my face causing me to feel insecure. Feeling his stare on my flaws, my peach fuzz, skin, everything.

"Quit staring at me, please" I pushed his face away

"Then kiss me" He whispered as he lowered me on the counter to sit on.

I hesitated at first but something inside me made me kiss him. I guess it's the heat of the moment. He smiled, and I saw his dimples and his lip piercing pop from his pink lips.

"Andrea, I---" Ed got interupted


We both turned around to see Oskar and Alex there awkwardly and in shock. Obviously Alex was pissed since he was the one who bursted out with the statement.

"Drea! I can't even let you be alone with out him coming!" Alex turned to the cabinet next to him and hit it with his fist.

I saw Ed's expression change back to his usual 'bad boy' stare as he stepped off me. I fixed the straps of my shirt and bra. I put them in their place and hopped off the counter.

"So you do like her after all Ed?" Oskar laughed

He looked at me, then closed his eyes and spoke

"I-I... You know what enough with this shit, I don't like Andrea." He walked towards the door and slammed it shut.

What? You'd think I'd be sad that he didn't like me. Actually I'm used to it, but it's not like I like him. He's just a thing, a friend with benefits... I guess. I couldn't help just going out through the back and going to my car and leaving. Ignoring Alex and Oskar and just vanishing.

I was used to not being wanted. Family didn't want me... That's why I have my sister and friends. I unlocked my front door and went to my room. I opened up my canvas and began painting on it with colors of red.
The next day science...

I walked in and saw Alex mad again, it's been a while since I've seen him happy. I've disappointed him so many times and I feel so bad now.

"Heyyy..." I slightly smiled at him waiting for a response

"Hi" He said while tapping his pencil on his desk to the beat of a song that only he knew

"I'm sorry" I kept my eyes on my desk ashamed

Ed walked in with a bang. As he slammed his books on the desk next to the tardy slip paper, signing it harshly. He walked over to his sets next to me completely ignoring me.

I had remembered it was Wednesday. Instead of going to our last period we go and sign up for a club and in that club we go to field trips all the time (even more since it's the last six weeks) then go to our club every week.

I grabbed my sketch book and started doing what you're supposed to do in that book. After testing teachers at my school basically give up on teaching. I just drew some roses and kept scribbling all on my paper.

"Sooo um, do you have a pencil Andrea?" Ed asked awkwardly


I just had one other spare and was about to hand it him.

"Drea I need a pencil too" Alex looked straight at me


"I only have this one spare pencil..." I spoke nervously

"Then who are you going to give it to?" Ed looked at me

"Yeah who are you going to give it to?" Alex smirked

I looked at both of them hesitantly, they had made this situation weird enough for me at this point.

"I-I... You know what forget you guys" I broke the stupid pencil in half and set it down on the table.

I felt weird. I felt my chest tighten up. Was I going to cry? Or was I overreacting? No tears fell down my face so I was over reacting
"What club should we pick?" I asked Yuri

"Well every other club is shit, photography or art?" She asked me

"I already know you want photography" I signed the paper that was on the wall for the club and we started heading to Room 202.

We sat at the back of the class like the little antisocial bitches we are and just talked until the whole class was settled in.

"Ok class we are having a camp out in the woods this weekend! We will take pictures of nature from many different angles and lighting. Plus you guys can hangout most of the time so it's great" Our usual photography teacher explained

"The devil is here" Yuri elbowed my side

"When is he not around me seriously"

"Alex told me about yesterday... He cried on my shoulder Dre. He really cares about you and you take him for granted" She looked at me seriously

"They're both in this club" I pointed at Alex signing in with the teacher.

"Can't wait until Saturday!" I said sarcastically

"Let the games begin!" Yuri joked

"Shut up!" I slapped her arm.


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