Bad Enough For You

Drea Frontera and Harry Styles are both alike. Tattoos, piercings, and not knowing where you come from are 3 of the many things that they have in common. Living in sunny California may be fun counting the bonfires and beach parties, but it's what happens in those parties is what matters. But there is one more thing they have in common... Not knowing what a normal is.


4. Roses

Fuck it's Monday! Which means school with all the dweebs and wanna be's.

I got up and slipped into my Bring Me The Horizon hoodie and some bleached jeans and I just left my hair natural. I tiptoed out of my room and walked down to my sisters room to find her sleeping. Thank God because I don't know what I would've done if she wasn't here. Oh wait, I would've killed Jaime and made sure it sure it looked like a bloody accident.

I walked over to the kitchen normally to make us breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes, her favorite. I kind of felt bad but then again no because he's going to hurt her and he's way too old for her like seriously. It's not right!

"...You didn't have to do this Drea" I saw Jackie sitting down already halfway through 2 pancakes. I just laughed at her actions she's still a baby too me.

"Eat up Apple Jacks..."

"Andrea Roxanna..." She muttered with a mouth full of pancakes

"Ok I'll stop" I hate my full name so much

I had already ate about 3 pancakes while cooking so I was good. I went to my room and sat down in front of my dresser. I did my makeup and got my backpack ready while putting on my shoes.

"I hate this freaking uniform!" My sister said while waiting for me

"Don't worry Hun one more year..."

I unlocked the front door and we walked out to my car
I drove her to our old elementary school where the bus pics both of us up at different times. She has to be there by 8:00 and I have to be there by 9:00.I went back home and went to Yuri's house to wake her up.

I walked in and saw her grandma drinking coffee while watching the morning news.

"Good morning Andréa!" Her grandma said right before she screamed for Yuri

I walked into her room while she was changing but you know we're close like that.

"Ying yang sweater and white pants? I'll seriously be laughing so hard if you get your period" I laughed

"Thaaaaanks Dreh..." She put her hair in a bun

I grabbed her phone and opened up the text messages between her and Cody. I sent 'hey sexy wyd'

"What time is it?" She asked with bobby pins in her mouth as she perfected her bun. I showed her the phone and she saw the time.

"Oh it's 8:35... ANDREA WHAT DID YOU DO?!" She threw her phone at my face as she said that

Cody had responded a picture of him shirtless in the mirror saying 'Nothing Much (x'

I bursted into laughter almost crying while she was on the floor in a fetal position crying of laughter and screaming. I grabbed her phone and added on to the conversation.

Yuri: hey sexy wyd
Cody: Nothing Much (x
*pic of him shirtless*
Yuri: oh so you want to play like that huh ;)
Cody: You're the one who started babe...
Yuri: oh so we should stop then
Cody: No No.. It's Your Turn Now ;)

"Yuri Yuri Yuri" I handed her the phone frantically

"DREA THIS IS SEXTING! SEX TING!" She realized that the member of her favorite band was sexting her and started freaking out again

I sent him a picture of her in a bikini from yesterday because I like taking random pictures of her on her phone. Her bun had fallen out do to the collapsing and crying so I had to fix it for her.

"My personal stylist" She smiled through the tears and grabbed her bag and we were out the door. We walked infront of my house and saw Alex waiting there.

"Hey Drea! Wassup Yuri?" He hugged both of us

"Cody... Ted... Sex... Ting" She was still in shock

"How long were you waiting?" I asked him ignoring Yuri

"Like 10 minutes, but I still have your wifi connected so it was no big deal" He said while kicking a rock

Yuri and I both walked to our bus stop every morning together since it was 5 streets down. Plus I didn't want my car getting towed away. I guess Alex remembers, since we were really close in elementary. So we were besties, distant besties. We got there and waited for our bus along with other people and finally got to school
"Hey girls let's get breakfast" Alex walked towards the cafeteria

"But it's naaaasty Alexia!" I whined

"Well I'm too lazy to eat at my house. I'll go by myself" He slowly stepped into the cafeteria

"Just go over to Drea's for breakfast! We'll all meet up there!" Yuri called out

"Ugh fine"

We all walked into the cafeteria. Alex went in line Yuri and I went to go find a table Back in the corner table I watched all the cool kids and saw what you expected Ed and his crew.

"Since when.."

"Always Dre" Yuri answered my question in a split second.

Every time I see Ed he has one more tattoo each time. He also appears everywhere I am, it's like he now wants to be seen or something.

"French toast in a baggie" Alex called out while he made his way to our table

"Did you know that Ed goes to school here?" I asked Alex

"Yes... Anyways who's excited for Prom?" He changed the subject

Shit, prom again. I had around $500 saved for a dress, but I really don't give any fucks about it.

"I am! We need to go buy our dresses Dre" Yuri bursted out

"What color are you guys getting?" Alex looked straight at me

"Black like my soul..." I said with no facial expression

"I really don't know yet"

Alex got up to throw away his trash and the bell rang right away for home room. Yuri and Alex walked together to class since they have french together and I walked down the long hall to go to my first class which was math. I'm not smart enough to be in Pre-AP or Algebra so whatever.
I sat down and waited for my teacher to start with the lesson after the announcements.

"Ok class today we're going to review angles..."

There was a faint knock on the door and all eyes were on the person standing there, Ed.

"...What?" He hissed at everyone staring at me until he finally caught my stare

"Um," He cleared his throat "Mr. Winters it looks like I'm in your class now" Mr. Winters grabbed his schedule and signed it.

"Go sit where ever" He pointed towards the class as he sat on his tall rollie chair in front of the projector

"Yo Ed!" This guy called out next to me, well not next to me more like my desk, empty desk, his. He sat down and looked at me.

"Hey.." I smiled

Just as soon as I said that he turned his whole body to the guy who's name was apparently Louis. I felt awkward because all eyes were on Ed so therefore when I said 'hey' they were also on him ignoring me. The whole class laughed at me silently pretending to pay attention to Mr. Winters.

I just sunk down in my seat and put all my hair over to my left shoulder and put on my hood. My arms were crossed on the desk and I put my head down in embarrassment. Who changes their schedule the last six weeks of school?

"Yo, is she asleep?" I heard Louis voice

"I don't know..." Ed responded


"Ew, fuck that I'm not going to touch her!" He basically screamed, great to hear the class laugh at me again.

"Class settle down.. Now this is how to find an acute angle..." The teacher called out through his thick mustache

I felt a lump in my throat start to form, I shouldn't be crying he's not worth it. The bell finally rang for second period and I jumped up from my seat and was the first one out.

"Drea..." Ed had pulled me from my arm

"Only my friends can call me Drea, and you're not my friend." I mumbled

"Whatever, what's your second period?" He asked

"History, why?" I looked into his eyes

"Yup we have all the same classes" He smirked

I walked down the hall and turned the corner to find Yuri and Alex walking together.

"He fucking humiliated me!" I shot out at both of them

"Where is he?" Alex looked around

"Who?" Yuri asked

"I'll tell you in history c'mon!"

"Bye Alexia!" We told Alex
"He's an ass!" Yuri said as she wrote down the answer to the bell ringer

"That's not the worst part" I pointed to Ed getting his schedule signed again by our history teacher, Ms. Spice.

"Who freaking changes their classes the last six weeks?" Yuri called out towards him

"Nice to see you too.." Ed greeted us as he sat in the chair infront of me

"There are more seats available not just us" Yuri sassed at him

"Yeah you're right I wouldn't want to catch a disease from you bitches" He shot back and went to go sit across the room with all the boys laughing at us.

Our class room had desks in groups of 4 all over. Yuri and I made sure we were the only ones at our table in the back because we only have 3 out of 8 classes together.

"I feel stupid now..." Yuri looked at everyone laughing at us

"Welcome to my world!" I wrote down notes as the teacher talked.

"You want some chips?" Yuri asked while taking out a bag of mini hot cheetos.

I took one and placed it in my mouth making sure no one saw

"FAT ASSES" This guy called out with his heavy accent

"Suck a dick Kevin!" I shot out to him but people kept laughing at his remark

"Andrea do not use that type of language in MY classroom!" The teacher shouted from the front of the classroom

"I swear" I whispered to Yuri

"How did she not hear him but you?"
Finally art, where I can express myself plus my teacher just sits at her desk while the class does whatever we want to do.

"Ok class," Our teacher Ms. Write got up from her seat "Make a collage of what describes you on this canvas and paint it however you like"

Everyone in the room went up to grab a canvas and set up their easels and whenever I went up Jaime went up.

"I'm sorry I made your sister come home late" He told me

I was about to say 'what' but I went along with it.

"It's ok, just don't let it happen ok" I set up my easel and placed my canvas on it in a second

Jaime came next to me with his easel and asked me to help him.

I drew chains on one side of the canvas and a house split in the middle on the other side.

"Is this about your parents?" Jaime asked while hovering over me

Did my sister seriously tell him about the assholes?

"Erm..." I coughed "Nah it represents that one time I had a pitbull on a chain and the house split in half is Jackie and me under one roof"

"Oh because you guys are a disaster!" He laughed and went back to painting him and his family surrounded by random objects
"Where is Ed so I can go fucking beat his ass for being a dick!" Alex said with a half mouthful of chicken nuggets at the lunch table

I had brought a big bag of Cheetos that Yuri and I are sharing. Didn't want to get that fat

"That's legit what has happened during this day" I told him as I popped a cheeto in my mouth

"You done Alex?" Yuri asked him

"Alllllllmost" He attempted to throw a nugget in the air and catch it and failed

"Young man pick that up!" The janitor called out from the exit door

We finally walked outside to find the people who don't eat lunch/'cool kids' already out there.

"Ed's making out with Lizzy behind the French class portable straight ahead" I thought out loud

"Don't you guys remember her in elementary?" Alex asked

"She was such a dork! Lizzie McGuire the geek" Yuri laughed

"Ugh Lizzie McGuire... No wonder she's so slutty! When you grow up you're the opposite of what you were when you were younger.

Ed caught me staring and he pushed her closer to the wall as they made out.

"What are you-- DÉJÀ VU for Drea!" Yuri kept laughing

Alex looked at me confused.

"Ed made out with me on Saturday..." I mumbled

His facial expression went to happy to fuck no.

"Hah, you have me over here thinking you actually cared about me but in reality you just used me right?" He looked at me straight in the eye

"No Alex it's not like that!"

"Them how is it? You had all freshman year and middle school to make out with me... But just as soon as you see that prick kissing another girl you come running to me huh?"

He turned around and walked over to the group of guys in front of the portable.

"Awe, Dreeaaaaaaa!" Yuri made a pouty face

"I'm such a cunt"

The bell finally rang for my fourth period which was Science with Alex. He was mad at me so I walked by myself to that class.

"Andreeeeah!" Ed pulled my arm again

Ew, Andrea. Ew! Ew! Ew!

"The fuck you want?" My facial expression went blank as I pulled my arm out of his grasp

"Take me to science or else" He stated

"Or what?" I tested him

He pushed me against the lockers, surprisingly not making a noise and placed his hand above me.

He went to my neck and started sucking in it harshly.

"More of these will appear all over your body, bet mommy and daddy wouldn't appreciate it" He growled in my ear

"What if I don't have a 'mommy' or 'daddy' what are you going to do then?" I got on my tip toes looking into his eyes

He kissed me forcefully and pinched the hickie he had left me

"Just..." He looked me up and down

"Just shut up and take me to class" He shook his head with his eyes closed

We walked up the stairs and got to class in under a minute right before the tardy bell.

I sat in my usual seat with Alex. This class was set up with two rows of tables each holding desks with 3 people and judging my fate Ed is most likely going to sit on my right and having Alex on my left is not going to be fun at all.

"What happened to your neck? Oh... Wait" Alex moved the hair that was slightly blocking it and came to realization to what it was.

"You.. Oh Drea" He turned around to face the window to the left

"Okeeeey so the teacher said to help me on anything I need or have a question on, got it Andrea?" Ed sat down next to me. "You look so hot with that mark I left you"

My hair was still pushed back and I could tell that Ed's statement made Alex uncomfortable, apparently Ed did too.

"Babe can you help me..." He whispered as his hands slowly went up my thigh

"Um, um" Was all I managed to let out.

"The cell membrane is the... Oh look it says it here"

I pointed to the definition of the word and he right away got it.

"Pop quiz!" Our teacher handed out the tests and we worked on the right away and graded them

"What'd you get Alex?" I scarily asked him

"85" he said still looking out the window

Ed was hiding his paper but I still managed to see the bright red 100 on it.

"What'd you get?" I smiled at him

"Oh a 75, I need a tutor... Can you come over to my place after school?" He asked

Alex quickly looked at me and shot me a look like "Even though I'm mad at you, you better not leave me for this guy." We were going to work on my shop with Yuri.

"I actually have plans after school so I can't"

"Oh, I'll ask Lizzy. She's always there for me" He laughed

"We just met Ed" You also just met Lizzie

"Oh... Yeah 'just' met" The light in his eyes slightly dimmed

What does he mean? I don't know him at all

The bell finally rung and I went to the rest of my classes in ease.
"I swear he was so nice!" I told Yuri everything about science

"Seriously? Oh look at this tree!" She snapped a picture for our newspaper class

It was a tall blossom tree with pink flowers all over

"Tumblr quality!" We both bursted out

"Ok class time to go back inside! Almost time to leave" Our teacher Ms. Shoo called

I had just realized we were in 8th period and it was 10 minutes until dismissal.

Yuri and I stayed behind until we heard camera snaps.

"So sensual" Ed chuckled loudly

"DELETE THOSE" Yuri quickly went over to Ed holding the camera

"Calm down pixie!" He held the camera above his head making it hard for her to reach it, obviously.

"My name is Yuri!" She jumped in front of him

"Is there like a system like Andrea? Where I can only say your nickname if we're friends?"

"No! Just delete those!"

"Nice to see your tits jumping up and down in excitement for me..." He leaned closer into her face

I saw my best friends body stiffen and her facial expression change in a split second.

"ANDREA! Yuriana! EDWARD!" The teacher called us motioning her hand towards the door dramatically.

Yuri and I ran up the stairs to not have Ed with us.

"Just to let you know I'm not no Team Edward or Team Jacob or whatever. I'm Team Cody!" She smiled too happily

"Literally feel like throwing up" I walked over to the water fountain and gulped water down my throat.

Suddenly I felt something thrust into me behind me.

"Hey Babe.." I heard a deep voice similar to Ed's speak

I turned around and it was Yuri. I spat my water everywhere and started laughing my ass off.

All of a sudden the bell rang and we rushed into class to get our back packs in record time to meet Alex by the picnic tables outside.
"Pass me the paint!" I screamed to Jackie while on a ladder in my tattoo shop

"Drea we need more paint!" Yuri called out while working with Alex who has slightly forgiven me.

My walls were going to be cherry red.

The little bell rang from the door and Ed walked in looking around.

"So this is why you blew me off? Pretty valid reason Andrea" His voice echoed in the empty room

"We still need fucking paint..." Alex mumbled from across the room

"I'll go buy some" I walked towards the door

"I'll drive" Ed came right behind me
"Cherry red, cherry red" I repeated as I looked for the color swatch section in Home Depot

"You want it matte, right?" Ed held the bucket of paint in front of his head

"Um yeah c'mon"

I found it weird how nice he was when it was just me and him.

"That'll be 29.40" The cashier told us

I started taking out my money but Ed nudged my side and he payed.

"Mr. Ha--" The cashier looked at the screen for him to sign the receipt for his credit card.

"It's Ed" He snatched the receipt out of the mans hand and signed it.

I stared at the paint machine shaking and the colors being added it was so cool. In my eyes...

We walked towards the exit right after but Ed pulled me away and dragged me to the garden section.

"I want to buy you a rose stem thing plant, whatever..." He looked at all the different kinds

"Um I really like roses, how'd you know that?" I asked him

"I don't know but we're like roses... We blossom then we die" He picked up a red rose vine

My eyes widened in realization of what he just said. It was a quote from a Bring Me The Horizon song. Also on tumblr I posted that same exact quote with a gif of red roses.

"Did you find my tumblr?" I hesitantly asked him

His eyes widened too

"No but like, I have one though" He looked at his receipt that he had signed for the roses

"Oh ok"

We walked out and went straight to his range rover.
"What took you guys so long?" Jackie asked while sitting on top a ladder

"Took long enough..." Alex the mumbler mumbled

"Excuse me? Speak the fuck up mate" Ed looked straight at him

"Took fucking long enough... Mate!" Alex hissed back

"Are you mad just because she likes me and not you?" Ed walked up to Alex

nopenopenope thisisnothappening please

"Drea do you like him?" Alex shot at me with pleading eyes

"I've only known him for a couple of days... So no I don't like him" I looked at the ground trying not to cry of overwhelment, if that's the word.

"Couple of days?... You know what I'm out. Oh make sure you keep that plant alive alright." He walked out the store nearly shattering the glass door.

"That's my Drea" Alex hugged me from behind

Yuri just looked at me like 'oh well'

We all got back to painting in silence

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