Bad Enough For You

Drea Frontera and Harry Styles are both alike. Tattoos, piercings, and not knowing where you come from are 3 of the many things that they have in common. Living in sunny California may be fun counting the bonfires and beach parties, but it's what happens in those parties is what matters. But there is one more thing they have in common... Not knowing what a normal is.


2. Out Loud

*3 years back*

I woke up to the sounds of the birds chirping and some couple fighting outside. Typical thing in my neighborhood, well not every morning. I got up off my bed and grabbed my clothes off the dresser to change in. I wiggled in to my skinny khaki pants and buttoned up my light blue jean wash shirt.

"Jaaaaaaackieeee!" I called for my baby sister. Maybe she's not a baby counting that she's 14 and we're two years apart, but I practically raised her, she is my baby and I wouldn't want anyone to hurt her.

"Whaaa Dre?" She walked into my room dragging her white slippers across the floor.

"It's time to go to work nappy head" I said as I rubbed the nest on her head. I walked into the kitchen and popped some hot pockets in the microwave.

We have to go to work since it's just us, two teenagers alone in a house. The only family we have is our grandparents that live in far and our cousins that we don't see that often. I heard the microwave beep and put our breakfast in the little cardboard containers they belong in.

"Is this good?" I turned to see Jackie in a white button up and khaki pants with black toms.

"Yes Jacks, you look fine we're not going to meet the queen!" We work at a beauty salon. I've worked at "Sandra's Beauty Salon" since I was Jackie's age and now it's her time to work by sweeping up all the hair on the ground. I'm soon going to open my own tattoo shop with Sandra's help since I'm not eighteen yet.

"Ok lets go!" I grabbed my car keys of the table and headed towards the door.

"DREAAA! Our necklaces!" I walked into my room and saw Jackie sitting texting on her phone. I went over to the dresser and unlocked my jewelry box.

"C'mon" I slowly took out her gold bow chain necklace out of it's box and put it around her neck.

"Let's reenact the High School Musical scene where Troy puts the 'T' necklace on Gabriela!" She said as she reached for my silver skull necklace. I took off her necklace and put it back on her.

"T as in Troy?" She said with a fake cartoony smile.

"No T as in Titties, C'mon hurry up and put on mine. I don't want us to be late"

"Remind me why do we have to wear these again?" She asked.

"Mom and dad gave them to us. They told grandma and grandpa that when we go out together to wear them, and that supposedly they are with us or something like that"
"So what would you like?" I asked this girl who appeared did not know what 'tweezing' was and also apparently a brush.

"Um, I'd like a make over for prom, I'd like to make all the guys who make fun of me feel sorry!" She gave me a worried yet kind look. I totally forgot about my prom.

"You'll have them on their knees begging babe" I smiled at her and handed her a book full of my makeup looks/hairstyles.

So what school do you go to?" I said as I made the hair in between and around her eyebrows disappear.

"West Chester" Oh no wonder, West Chester is a fancy schmancy school up in Downtown LA. My high school would most likely have ours on a school night or something, she's having hers today which is Saturday.

"Eyebrows, done" She looked in the hand held mirror.

"Oh my gosh! You took the caterpillar off my face!" She leaned back on the chair and closed her eyes.

"Do the rest of me now!" I grabbed my eye shadow pallet and chose a rusty gold color that complemented her light pink dress. Then swept it across her lids and added a soft brown to her crease and blended lightly.

"Do you like it so far?" She looked into the mirror again and smiled. "Just do my makeup, no need to check with me every step because you're doing great!"

I lined her eyes with liquid eyeliner and winged it out. Then curled her eyelashes and applied a ton of mascara. I swept blush to her face and laid on a nude lipstick on her lips.

"Hair next girly" I said as I pushed the lever on the chair with my foot to make her taller.

"I can't wait to turn around and see myself!" All I did was smile as I brushed out her tangles knowing that I can make her feel beautiful when she's probably picked on at school. She wanted her hair to be curled then put into a messy bun with all the 'curlies' sticking out and some curls to frame her face.

"All done!" I turned her chair around waiting for her expression.

"You're the best thing that has ever happened to me!" She squealed as she hugged me. We got out of the hug and her eyes began to water.

"Hey! No crying, you'll mess up that beautiful face!"
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She said as she handed me a $100 bill. "

I'll be back with $59.25"

"No... No, keep the change as a tip. You really deserve it Drea!"

"How do yo-"

"Word is your the best around, you think I would come all the way over to the South for nothing? Well you are the best thanks"

"You kill them at that prom!" I said as she walked out the salon happily in her dress. I walked over to the cash register to put the bill in and get the change.

"Wow Dre you really made that girl glow!" I heard Jackie say while leaning on the counter.

"It's what I do sis" I said proudly.

"Keep it" I heard Sandra call out while she was cutting some red heads hair. 

Sandra was in her late 30's. She was married and had an older son who moved to Downtown LA who doesn't visit often. She always wanted daughters but her husband was never too crazy about the idea, but luckily Jackie and I came around. It's good for both sides because she helps us and gets enjoyment out of it.

"Oh no I can't really" Jackie shot me a 'gurl you crazy' look while she was sweeping.

"Keep it, no seas necia Andrea!" She finished in Spanish. She basically said "Don't be stubborn Andrea and keep the damn money"

"What about my check?"

"Extra money for prom precious..."

I knew I couldn't win so I just went back to my station. I heard the little 'ding dong' from the door.

"DREEEEAAAAAA!" I saw my long haired friend Yuriana walk... Well burst through the door and sat on my chair.

"What Yuri?"

"I got us tickets for Warped Tour!!" She was legit jumping in her seat.

"But isn't it today?"

"Yeah so..."

"Did you get my sister a ticket?"

"Yes I got your lil twat a ticket, Lets go!!"

"I heard Warped and lil twat, soooo where am I going?" Jackie shot in.

"Yuri got us tickets for Warped To-"

"YESSSS!" She screamed out. Luckily no one payed attention.

"Yeah, but we get out of work at 8 pm and it's 11 am, and it opens at 12 and ends at 9" I shot out.

"Ask Sandra if you can get out early Dre it's our onl-"

"You're dismissed Andrea" Sandra said as she walked over to my station.

One thing I've learned but never remember is that she hears and sees everything naturally or maybe because we never could afford security cameras, well that's going to change.


"I'll take over, you girls just go have fun!"

Jackie came back without her broom and pan.

"YES WE'RE HERE!" My sister called out.

"We're meeting Perrie and Natasha at the Kia stage to see Sleeping with Sirens, but first lets go stalk Cody Carson!" Yuri pointed towards a tent with merch.

We walked over to the tent, well Jackie and I did Yuri just ran even though we were 10 feet away. Cody was the signing this girls shirt. They aren't as mainstream as the other bands but they're still quite popular, to her.

"Dude what if he thinks I'm weird"

"How would I think you're weird if I don't even know your name cutie?" Cody smiled at her. I saw her practically melt in her pants of excitement.

"She really loves you and your band of course" I told him.

"Can you guys um sign my shirt?" They all nodded and passed the shirt that she bought and signed it.

"C'mon lets go!" Jackie called out.

"Yeah I'm hungry" We went to go eat overpriced nachos in the food court.

"Hey I didn't take a picture with Cody, who about we go and find him before we see him on stage.." Yuri asked .

She walked over to the tent again. What she said was more like a statement not a question. My sister and I ran after her to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. Cody was there by himself on his phone.

"Hey Cody, um can I take a picture with you? Hope I'm not bothering you or anything because I'll leave if you wa--" Yuri babbled on.

"No it's fine babe, say I never got your name?" He said with a smile.

"Yu- Chelsea, yeah Chelsea" I can't believe she just did that.

"Well Chelsea, would you mine if I took a picture with you on my phone?"

She didn't even say anything she just leaned towards him holding his phone.

"Now let me see that beautiful smile" He took the picture with her.

"Crap, I'm so dumb. I guess you thought I didn't have a phone"

"You could give me your number so I can send it to you?" She froze for about 30 seconds so I had to give him her number.

"Alright girls, I gotta go I'll see ya later!" He called out.

"Hey um look out for us... We'll be near the barricade, ok?" Yuri said back and he gave her a thumbs up.

"C'mon lets go before it gets full!" Jackie shouted out before running towards their stage. We stood near the barricade waiting for the band to come out.

"Let's go get the girls!" Jackie called out.

We headed to see Sleeping with Sirens on stage and saw Perrie with her light purple faded hair and Natasha.

"Hey guys, I don't really want to stay and listen to them" Natasha said as she put her long black hair into a ponytail.

"Yeah let's to see Bring Me The Horizon... The sun is setting anyways..." I mumbled.

"Drea meant to say 'I want to go stalk Oli Sykes' right?" Perrie laughed with the other girls.

I just went straight towards the direction of the stage knowing that they're following me. I went to their merch tent and bought a hoodie and a shirt.

"Are you searching for your man?" Natasha laughed.

"It's geeeetting daaaark Dreeee... The suuuun is going dooown..." Jackie sighed.

"You guys go and save a place I'm going to go take a wee" I told them. I felt Yuriana right behind me probably going to go piss with me... Wait not like that but we're pretty close. I went to the small restroom area and took care of business right away.

I walked out and stood under a tent that was next to the stage waiting for my bestfriend. I smelled something that smelled like cigarettes and a bit of weed. Yes weed, growing up wasn't a charm.

"Ugh eww" I whispered.

"Don't like the smell love?" I saw this tall lanky curly haired boy in the distance inhaling those horrid chemicals.

He came closer towards me and the smell only grew stronger with each one of his steps. I saw him put the cigarette in his mouth again. I watched as he lowered the orange flame then flicked the excess off the cigarette with a single tap of his finger.

He then held on to my jaw making my mouth open and proceeded to slowly blow the smoke into my mouth. I felt the air in my lungs get heavy then blew out the smoke with ease.

"Looks like you've done this before, ey?" He smirked.

"Why did you do that?" I looked straight into his eyes.

"Be... cause... I can..." He got closer to my face and dropped his cigarette and put it out with his foot.

I kept looking into his eyes. I noticed that they were red and watery, well someone has been having a good time. But I couldn't help see his emerald green eyes also. In a matter of time our lips crashed and he automatically put his hands on my hips.

I leaned against the wall behind us and cupped his jawline with my hands. In seconds his tongue was in my mouth and I felt his tongue piercing and played with it slowly. Nobody could see us since it was so dark and crowded near the stage entry. I tasted his breath, the strong taste of the smoke and a bit of alcohol.

"10 minutes 'till show time" a guy with a headset announced.

"I-I gotta go..." I shyly told him.

"Will I see you in the crowd?" He asked

"Um yeah, I guess if you can find me"

"Bye love" He pecked at my lips again and walked away.

I closed my eyes and laughed at what I just did. I'm not going to ever see him again nor that he's going to find me in the wave of people. He's probably going to be in the mosh pits while I'm going to be near the barricade as usual. I headed back to the crowd area and felt someone tug on my hair.

"ANDREA ROXANNA FRONTERA" I felt someone dragging me by my hair to the girls who were like a mile away. Judging by the voice I already knew it was Yuri. I finally stood infront of my friends after dragging the heels of my feet into the dirt for 5 minutes.

"What the fuck happened back there?" Yuri blurted out while pointing towards the restroom area.

"What are you guys talking about??" Jackie cried out

"Your sister was making out with some random perv! I swear I cannot take a waz without you getting pregnant or something!"

"Was he cute?" Perrie asked

"He had the most amazing eyes! Oh and he had the cutest curly brown hair!" I said a bit too excitedly

"So he had a frow?" Natasha butted in

"No they were like loose an--"

"Now presenting the opening act for Bring Me The Horizon, a local band with Matt Nicholls assisting them... Give a warm welcome to... The Unknowns!"

We all payed attention to the stage. I saw a blonde haired boy with a guitar, a black haired boy with a mic stand and bass, and... The dude I made out with had a single mic in his hand in the front of the band.

"What up LA?" He smirked into the mic. The crowd cheered in response.

"We're The Unknowns as you heard and I'm Ed, this is Nick" He pointed to the blonde haired boy. "And this is Zack" He finally pointed to the black haired boy.

"It's an honor to open for Bring Me The Horizon, so were just going to play one song for you guys... So lets do it!"

The music started blaring out the speakers and the bass kicked in. I saw Ed just bobbing his head to the music

"I see you in the crowd" He stopped and the music stopped too, he found me and looked directly at me.

"And it looks like quite a show" The music finally started playing

"If I say I like you out loud
Would you stay or would you go?" I looked at the girls and they were just shocked at his singing.

"That's him right?" Perrie asked

"Y-Yes..." I responded

"So just jump jump jump jump 
I see you in the crowd" He looked towards me again, shit. I kinda feel like leaving at this point.

"Don't go go go go
Don't make me say it out loud" 

I started jumping to the beat and just went along.

"So hey girl dont you wanna stay?
You know it'll be okay If its just you and me
Where no one can see" 
He finally started walking around the stage jumping and getting the crowd hyped up.

After 3 minutes or so they were finally done performing.

"Now the moment you've all been waiting for... Bring Me The Horizon!" Ed announced. His band got off stage and went who knows where but I'm just glad I get to see Bring Me The Horizon. They started playing their songs as the sky grew darker and the smell of sweaty teens filled the air.
After BMTH set was over Perrie lead us all backstage for a surprise. We walk over and we see the blonde haired kid, Nick, putting up his guitar and Zack smiling at someone.

"Guys this is my boyfriend Zack!" Perrie annouced.

"Hey, what's happening?" He shook all of our hands and we all introduced ourselves.

"Hi I'm Drea, nice to meet you!" I shook his hand

"So you're names Drea? Cute..." I saw Ed in the distance carrying a speaker and placing it next to Nick.

"Um y-yeah?" He got close to me, way too close.

"You stutter to much babe" He whispered as he slowly lifted my chin and have me a peck on the lips.

"DREA!" Jackie practically screamed at me.

"Um..." All eyes were on her at this point and I could tell she felt nervous. "It's about to be 12... You know how you don't like driving too late at night.."

I slightly pushed him off me and nodded my head in agreement.

"C'mon Yuri" She walked over towards Jackie and I.

"It was nice meeting you guys! Sorry we have to go so early!" I spoke with a fake smile.

"We gotta hang out some odder time" Nick finally spoke Please no, I don't want to see Ed again.
We walked out and headed straight to the parking lot.

"Thanks Jacks, that was pretty smart of you!" I nudged my sis on the head.

"Yeah yeah.. I just didn't want you to have sex in front of all of us that's why"
I had the Warped CD in my hand along with the stuff I bought. I put the CD in my radio and went directly into the shower.

All I could think about was Ed. Like what does he want from me? Is he attracted to me? Probably not... I reached for my conditioner and hear the song playing

"...So hey girl don't you wanna stay?
You know it'll be okay
If its just you and me
Where no one can see..."

Ugh! I finished washing my body and stepped out in my towel since I forgot to bring clothes. I looked on my dresser and saw the CD. I wondered what that song was called.

"Hmm..." I looked up and down the list until I saw it.

"... Out Loud?" Well 'Out Load' sure is catchy, I slipped on an over sized shirt and underwear and jumped into my bed. I got under my covers and fell asleep to the music.

"So hey girl don't you wanna stay?
You know it'll be okay
If its just you and me
Where no one can see"

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