Bad Enough For You

Drea Frontera and Harry Styles are both alike. Tattoos, piercings, and not knowing where you come from are 3 of the many things that they have in common. Living in sunny California may be fun counting the bonfires and beach parties, but it's what happens in those parties is what matters. But there is one more thing they have in common... Not knowing what a normal is.


7. Ed? or Harry?

"Drea c'mon!" Oskar waved at me

I ran over to him and the rest of the group

"You're not going to swim?" He looked at my outfit

"Yes Oskar! I brought my camera and full set of clothes to swim with!" I sassed at him

"What's this list for?" Lizzie snatched it out of my hand

"It's a list of all the guys you've fucked." I spoke, oops sorry.

She looked up at me and back at the list "Ed baby, why is your name not on here?" Her voice turned into an annoying child one.

"Maybe it needs reassurance" He pulled her body close to his. Ew gross walk away walk away.

When we walked there it was filled with people left to right dancing and almost having sex on the sand.

I sat in the nearest lawn chair and made myself comfortable. I felt awkward in my clothes so I decided to look at the list again.

"Shirtless boy"

Ed is wearing a shirt, Oskar is too, all I need is Alex. I picked up my camera and took shots of the people in the water swimming.

"Drea over here!!" Lizzie called at me

I turned to her laying on a beach towel on her belly with her bikini top untied. Ignore ignore ignore.


I actually turned to her on accident, crap. I walked over to her and sat to the nearest seat by her.

"Yes?" I asked nicely and fake as I could

"Can you rub suntan oil on me pleaaase?" She fluttered her eyelashes. I gave her a blank expression and was about to walk away.

"I'll pay you 50 bucks"

"Sure whatever"

She handed me the bottle and I squeezed some into the palm of my hand. I attempted to do it from the chair I was sitting on but it was too hard.

"Why don't you take your pants and shoes off? It will allow you to finish faster" She muttered as her head was resting on her towel

I got up off my chair and slipped off my boots, pants, and flannel. I placed them on the chair that I was sitting on and noticed Lizzie staring at me, creepy bitch.

I sat on my knees right beside her awkwardly as I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I started applying the lotion to her hot back again.

"That feels so good" She moaned out

The awkwardness was a thousand times stronger counting that I really wasn't touching her and her side boob was showing a lot.

"Sit on my ass... so you can work better" She looked towards me

I got off of her and rubbed the excess on my legs.

"Your turn!" She got up off the towel. Topless. Really. What. The.

"Liz!" I hugged her to cover up her... You knows.

"Woah ouuuch" She squealed

"Wow Andrea thanks" I placed her top on and tied it for her. I can't help it I'm used to taking care of people.

Luckily my shirt was big and covered my thighs. I swear if I get water or sand in my cuts I will die.

"C'mon Andrea!" She tightened her bikini

"So far you only have 25 bucks" She looked at me blankly

"No thanks" I responded

"I just want to be friendly ok and I understand I'll give you your money..." She looked down sadly and moved to her bag, ugh why am I such a good person?

I laid on the towel carefully like Lizzie was and lifted my shirt halfway awkwardly. The faster I do this the faster I get it over with.

"Your butt is so big" Lizzie stated as she was on top of it

All of a sudden she slips of my shirt revealing my bra and un clasped it.

She starts rubbing the lotion on me and kept touching my side boob until she scratched it.

"Oh I'm sorry let me kiss the boo boo" She laughed.

"Lizzie get off me NOW!" I pushed her off and re clasped my bra and slipped on my shirt in seconds.

"Me, you, and Ed should have a threesome you know" She said with her arms around my neck. She was pushing her body on me and biting her lip. NO NO NONONO I'm not going to have a little experimentation with her. Even though I was tempted. Just a little. Great.

I reached for my pants and slipped them back on.

"Are those cuts?" She scratched her fingers across them by accident since I put my pants on quickly.

"Crap that hurt!" I blurted out by accident

"So they are cuts..." She smirked

I put on her flip flops and had my boots and socks in one hand. I attempted to reach for my camera but she beat me to it.

"Listen here, I'm guessing no one else knows about this whole deal soo I'm going to hold this against you" She held my camera by its strap with her index finger.

I quickly got my camera out her grasp and started to walk away from her.

"Everyone believes the pretty girl"

I ignored her and made my way to the cabin.

"FUUCK" I shouted in the empty house in disappointment.

"Who's there?" Ed poked his head out of the kitchen while drinking Gatorade.

"Me, Andrea" I cringed at myself saying my full name

"Why are you here?" He asked me

"Why are YOU here?" I made it obvious to stare at his swim trunks

"I'm eating... DUH" He imitated what I guessed to be Lizzie

I ignored him and went down the hallway to my room. What if she tells people? Everyone's going to think I'm some sort of a freak! I need to find something else to do other than hurting myself. I searched through Alex's items to find his drugs. He already had some rolled up and ready to light.

"Hey Ed" I shouted


"Do you have a lighter?"

"Now why do you need one of those?" He suddenly appeared in the doorframe and I put away the blunt in time.

"To burn myself" I looked at him

He sat on the floor infront of me with his lighter in his right hand. He proceeded to spark it and move the flame under his left hand, I gasped.

"I can't feel anything" He spoke blankly

"Just give me it" He then tossed me the lighter and the metal part landed in my palm "Crap, it burned me" I got up to just walk it off. The blunt was in one of my flannels pockets hidden.

"Well I'm heading back to the lake" he stated

I ignored him and began to smoke alone. I just sat there by myself out in the open. I could hear muffled laughs and screams, but they didn't bother me. I picked up my camera and used my zoom button to complete my list of things to take pictures of.

I was done puffing out smoke so I went inside and grabbed a tub of ice cream and my sketch book. I went up stairs, to then find a balcony. I could see everything up here. It was cool and secluded since the way it was placed no one can really see you since the roof of the cabin surrounds the area. I sat down criss cross and placed my ice cream on a table beside me. My sketch pad was in my lap ready to begin. I drew little basic things like different kinds of flowers and shapes. After I was done filling up 2 pages my hand got tired and my hunger began to grow.

I got up and as soon as I walked down stairs I saw Ed.

"You bad girl" He laughed

"Were you spying on me?" I asked furiously

"Let's just say I lied about going to the pool and I was trying to find you so we could hang out but I saw you so focused, I didn't want to bother" He walked to the living room

I went into my room and got my things out to take a shower my stomach will have to wait. I have to admit I feel relaxed. After I got out the shower I wanted some chips really bad so I went to the kitchen obviously.

"I know I know" I heard Ed talk on the phone

"Do this shit one more time Harry"
"Uncle you're drunk and don't call me that. Bye." He ended the call and looked straight towards me.

I would've teased him about the name Harry but I saw the stress in his eyes and couldn't bear to even do that.

"Want to go help me write a song?"

"Sure, but you need to give me food first" I ran to my room to put on make up and put my hair up in a bun. Oh my insecurities never fail.

"C'mon your food is on the counter" He called out

I grabbed the tray of food he prepared me and carefully made my way upstairs. We both sat on the outside couch on the balcony. As he tuned his guitar, chips were flying into my mouth every second.

"These are so good" I broke the silence

"Well they are Doritos" He didn't look up from his guitar

"So what are we going to write about?" I reached for my Capri-Sun

He looked at me and smiled. Is my eyeliner uneven?? Crap, I always do my make up in under 5 minutes and do a pretty good winged eyeliner since I can draw well.

"Is there something wrong with my face..." I questioned hesitantly as I waited for this answer

"I just," He laughed "I can't take you seriously while you're drinking that. You look like a toddler"

I got self conscious and stopped drinking it. "Well you did pick it out for me"

"Let's write about shit parents" He finally expressed how he felt, kind of. "Mine in my case is my uncle, how about yours?"

"I don't want to talk about that" I looked at my nails that we're resting on my lap.

"My mom killed herself when I was 5 and my dad just didn't want me to be born and came in and out of my life leaving scars. Ok now it's your turn" He spat out

"My mom and dad... Um are dead" I lied, I lied so hard. I couldn't say the truth without being ashamed.

"I'm so sorry. I'll let you pick a topic then"

"Let's make this song so cliché and very emo" I laughed to lighten the mood up

"How about something like...
'I saw this girl at the..' "

"Mall" I laughed

"Yeah yeah" He smiled and wrote it in his journal

" 'She was shopping at Forever 21 and then she was gone'
I don't know haha" I opened up a pack of Oreo cookies and placed them inbetween the both of us.

" 'Then came the fall and I didn't recognize her at all' " He continued to write
" 'Her pretty little hair was all messed up and her mood was all shuck' "

"This is getting deep Andrea" He laughed as he reached for a cookie

" 'She sat next to me, Oh bless my luck'
Hush I'm on a roll here" I reached for another Oreo

" 'We talked and talked until the first bell rung, then I learned her life wasn't that fun' " He continued

" 'Daddy wasn't there and momma couldn't care, I could tell she wanted to escape and run' Okay so I think of a good hook should be next about the guy trying to save her or something"

" 'Darling come run away with me, it could be that easy
Oh why won't you believe me? I'm not lying I'm just trying
I could be your happiness if you give me a chance baby
So just runaway, so just runaway, so just runaway" He actually sung

"Oh that was so beautiful" I wiped my imaginary tear off my face laughing

"So pop punk?" He laughed

"Very pop punk and emo, very emo" I pretended to be touched by clutching my fist againt my chest dramatically

"You write the next part now" He handed me the notebook and pointed to the bag of Doritos and I handed him the bag.

" 'She was scared and hesitant
She asked what she was going to wear, oh how irrelevant
Baby lets just go so you can let go
We can see the Cali sun or go up to the snow' " I wrote that down and made sure the hook of the song was after that.

"Your turn buddy" I threw the journal like a frisbee to him even though he was five feet away

He was writing for a minute the read the lyrics to me

" '2 years later up in California we're a happy family with a cute little baby
Graduated high school and got a home. She been happier than ever lately
Who could've thought this little lady I saw at the mall back in 09
Could've been what I needed this whole time' "

"DEEP SO DEEP EDWARD" I actually let out a tear, it was so cute and predictable

"Wait if I actually sing this with my band the crowd will be like 'In 2009 you were like 12' " He started laughing

"Well I guess just save it for your future and then change the lyrics"

"Okay so it's going to be called "Runaway" by Ed & Andrea' sounds good?" He looked towards me

"I'm going to write a song about a girl since that's what the chicks like at our shows, we get a bit more profit is what I'm trying to say with these songs. I already have the chords on my guitar, can you help me write the lyrics?" He attempted to balance a cookie on his face but failed miserably

"It needs to be a duet! Like 'If It Means Alot to You' by A Day to Remember.' You just need to find somebody who can sing!" I suggested

"Alright let's get to it I'll write a paragraph and you'll write one" I added

After 10 minutes of writing we were done

"Wanna go downstairs and watch a movie?" Ed asked

"Sure let me just clean up, and I'll meet ya." I started picking up our food

"I'm going to take a shower" I heard him run down the stairs

I picked up his song book and laughed because it was covered in 'skater boy' stickers like Vans logo, bands, etc.

I skimmed through the pages to find the song he performed on Warped. I found the lyrics to "Out Loud"... What? I went to Warped on June 1st and the page says the song was also written on that same date. So he wrote a song for me? Or? I'm so confused and it's only 3 p.m. I mean it is possible for him to have written it after we met but that kind of crazy.

I made my way down stairs and decided to keep eating, there goes my "bikini body." My mind was wondering until I remembered.. Lizzie knows I... I don't like saying the term for it because I'm ashamed of what I do to myself. I was born without doing that but now I can't seem to live without it. I need to find a hobby or at least something to replace my cutting.

I decided to go and take my hair out of a bun and let it dry, my hair is going to be a curly mess.

"Shit" I heard Ed blurted out

I looked up in realization that we had bumped into each other

"You're all wet!" I stepped back and saw my wet shirt and a shirtless Ed.

"Awww little Andrea doesn't like getting wet!" He mocked

"Be quiet" I shot out a bit annoyed

"Andreeeeaaaaa doesn't like being moooooiiiiist" He sang as he went back into the restroom to put on deodorant

"Shut up Harry!" I walked into my room and began to change

"What did you say?" He was in front of me in a matter of seconds while my shirt was half way on my body. I saw him look at my chest then back up at me.

"Harry, That's your first name isn't it" I pulled my shirt down

"Don't you dare tell anyone" He looked into my eyes. His body was tense as he stood before me.

"Or what Harry?" I looked his shirtless body up and down. "You're going to kiss me? Or give me a hickie?"

"Let's go watch 'Mean Girls' or what ever is on Netflix" He walked out, still tense.

I walked out and jumped on the couch next to him. I saw him scrolling through movies to watch until Mean Girls popped up. He put the laptop on the coffee table in front of us, I still can't believe there's wifi out here. When the movie started he got a text then turned to me.

"What?" I questioned his weird actions

He got on top of me and hovered over my body. "I'm going to give you what you predicted" Within seconds his mouth was on mine and I felt his shirtless body on me. My hands traveled all over his clean body while his remained still. I stopped the kiss and he looked at me confused.


"Yes Andrea"

"Why did you write a song about me?"

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