Where Ever You Are



"You look great" My older sister Evelyn said curling the last piece of my hair

We are getting ready for the wedding

"You too, I'm really excited" I am! I'm gonna become an aunt to CALUM HOOD

My brother Scoot came in

"How are my two favorite girls?" He said hugging us both

"Excited" Evelyn answers putting on her earrings

I stood up and Scott twirled me around "You look amazing Lizzard"

That's his and Evelyn's nickname for me, I hate it when they call me that

I hit his arm "Don't call me that"

Evelyn pushed Scott out the door "Go home and get your tux on! The girls and Joy are coming over soon to get ready!"

"Ok ok" he said walking out the door "I'll see you guys in a couple of hours

I live here with Evelyn, our parents died when I was 13 and I stayed with Evelyn. I miss my parents so much. My dad died of a heart attack and a few months later my mom died of cancer.


"She's gone" I cried into Scott's arms

"Shhh, everything will be fine Lizzard" Scott ran his fingers through my hair

Evelyn came in with tears in her eyes "Liz will live with me" I hear her say to Scott

He nodded and let me go wiping my tears "Go with Evelyn, I'll see you two soon"

I got up and left the hospital with Evelyn

~flashback over~

"Hey what's wrong Lizzy?" Evelyn ask as she sees the tears forming in my eyes

"I wish mom and dad were here" I whisper, thank god for waterproof makeup

"Come here baby" she opens her arms and run up to her and hug her

"They are here Elizabeth, in our hearts forever"

(Skip to the Wedding)

"You may kiss the bride" the preacher said and my brother kissed Joy and everyone cheered

Evelyn clapped and tears of joy came to her eyes

"It's your turn next" I say to her, her boyfriend Matthew recently proposed

She hugged me "And you will be my maid of honor"

I had a long white dress with diamonds on the top, I wore heels so I looked pretty tall

I was with Evelyn when I saw Joy coming towards us with Calum

Oh my gosh stay calm Liz

"Girls, you know my son Calum right?" Joy asks

"Of course! My sister can't stop talking about you and your band" Evelyn says shaking his hand

"Eve!" I say my face pink, Calum just laughs

"I've seen you before at a concert back stage before right?"

"Yeah, I can't believe you actually remember me"

"How can I forget the first fan who hasn't screamed in my face" I laugh

"Well these are your new Aunts" Joy said smiling big, Calum's eyes get big

"One of my aunts is 15?"

"Yep, I might even let her babysit you" she teased and me and Evelyn laugh

Someone called Joy and Calum over and I was with Evelyn alone

"I'll be right back" she says walking away "Don't get into trouble"

I laugh "Not promising anything"

I walk over to the refreshments area and my eyes land on the last lemonade

Just as I was about to reach for it, someone else did too

Both of our hands touch and I look up to see a pair of gorgeous green eyes

Michael Clifford

Michaels POV

She was gorgeous

Perfect blue eyes with curled brown hair

It's her! The girl from the concert

"Sorry" she said letting go of the lemonade

"No, here" I say handing it to her

"Thank you" she says taking it from me and extending a hand

"I'm Elizabeth, but call me Liz"


She giggles "I know who you are"

"I've seen you before at a concert right?" I ask

"Wow, I can't believe you actually remember me" she said almost blushing

How could I forget the most beautiful girl in the world?

"I have good memory" I blurt out and she giggles

Her giggle is like heaven

She looks about 17 or 18


Elizabeth's POV

Someone came and put their arm around me, I turn to see Scott

"I see you met my sister Mikey" he said nudging me

"Yeah she's amazing" he said

Amazing? Wow, he thinks I'm amazing

"Well how about you introduce her to Ashton and Luke?"


"Don't you have a poster of Michael in your room and you say he's the most hottest-"

"Scott! Shut up" I cover his mouth my face completely red. Ugh he would do anything to embarrass me

Michael laughs and Scott pushes my hand away laughing too

Michael takes my hand "I'll introduce you to the boys"

He takes me over to Luke and Ashton stuffing their face with cake

"Hey this is Calum's new aunt"

"Hi Auntie! Have I seen you before?" Luke asks

"Did I ever scream in your face?" I say giggling

"Oh yeah! I remember you!" Ashton said

I extend my hand "I'm Elizabeth, but call me Liz"

"I guess you already know who we are" Luke said smiling

"Yeah I do" I say giggling again

"Lizzard!" I hear someone scream, I turn to see my best fried Bella

"I'll be right back" I say to them and rush over to her

"Did you really need to call me Lizzard out loud?" I groan as I walk over to her

"Sorry babe! I just want you to introduce me to hottie over there" her eyes landing on Luke

I roll my eyes, Bella is 17, I hate girls my age because they are so immature. I skipped a grade so I'm a sophomore and Bella's a junior. We have another best friend Jared. He's a junior too, we dated before but decided to be friends.

"Fine fine" I say pulling her towards them

"Guys, this is my friend Bella"

"Hey there" Luke said taking her hand "I'm Luke"

She giggles "I know"

Michael takes my hand and leads me behind the bathroom stalls

"What's up?" I ask

"U-Uh I-I was was wondering-"

"Liz! There you are!" We look to see Evelyn coming towards us

"Is everything ok?" She asks worried

"Uh yeah" I say

"Well I need to borrow her Michael" she said taking my hand

"I-It's fine" hey says and walks off

(3 hours later)

"Alright couples! Time for slow dancing" the DJ said and I walk off the dance floor with Bella

Evelyn was with Matthew and of course Scott and Joy in the middle slow dancing

"This is all so romantic" I whisper to myself

There was a starry night and the room was filled with roses

Luke came up to Bella extending a hand "Wanna dance?"

She looks at my excitingly and blushes at Luke "Of course"

He leads her to the dance floor and I stay where I am awkwardly

"Uh hey" a voice said behind me, I jump and look to see Michael

"Michael you scared me" I say

"Sorry, I just wanted to know if...you wanted to dance?"

I want to say yes because you're very hot and sweet! But your 19 turning 20 soon and I'm turning 16 soon and if Scott or Calum finds out!...just say yes

"I'd love to" I say taking his hand. He blushes, awe I made him blush

He takes me over to the dance floor

I look around glad no one is noticing because everyone is lost in each other

I wrap my arms around his neck and his around my waist, as we sway I laid my head on his shoulder

I don't want this to end

Michaels POV

I don't want this to end

I'm here with the most beautiful girl in my arms

Nothing could be better

After and few minutes I whisper her name


She picks her head up "yes?"

I lean in a kissed her

Elizabeth's POV

Holy crap

I kiss him back and I feel him trying to deepen the kiss

But we can't, this isn't right

I pull away from him "I can't"

I walk off the dance floor and run to the bathrooms

I hear footsteps behind me "Elizabeth wait!"

Michael was following me, shit

I turn to face him "We can't Michael"

His face was full of sadness "Why?"

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