Where Ever You Are


8. Tour Bus Tour

 "Then you got the kitchen" Ashton says, he's giving me the tour of the bus

"Then the best place in the world, the living room" It had a play station, flat screen, table, and a big couch

"Really is" I say and he shows me the bunk area

"Where's my bunk?" I ask

"You're not getting one" He smiles, what?

He opens a door and there is a king sized bed in a big room and a bathroom with a TV, this room could take up half of this bus

"Usually our manager sleeps here or me and the boys take turns but you're the guest so" I smile, this is awesome

"Anyways enjoy, we'll be driving in about 10 minutes" He tells me

"Thanks Ashton" Wow, he leaves and I jump on the bed. This is pretty cool, I'm living every fan's dream! Going on tour with 5SOS! 

"Like it?" I see Michael, he's so hot. He even has a little beard growing how cute

"Yeah, this is really cool"

He sits on the bed next to me "I'm glad you're coming with us" He whispers

"Me too" I stare in his green eyes and this time, I lean in

I kiss him softly, then passionately

Wow, I never made out with a guy before him and I already feel like an expert 

I tug on his hair and he moans laying me on the bed and began kissing my neck as his hands trail up and down my body

"Michael" I moan softly

I hear foot steps and Michael quickly gets off my bed

"Hey guys" It was Calum and Luke

"Hi" Michael says his face red

"Hey, I love this room, thanks you guys" I say smiling 

That was too close, way too close for comfort 


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