Where Ever You Are


6. Surprise

"Holy shit Michael" Ashton laughs as I beat Michael in Mario Cart


I smirk at him and his eyes are so wide, he looks over at me


"No one beats me" he says in a deep voice and I smile


"Well I just did" everyone oooo around us and I wink at him, handing the remote to Jared


Scott and Joy were talking to Evelyn in the kitchen, I wonder if it's about my surprise


"Hey guys, have you seen Liz's room?" Jared asks giving me an evil glare with a devilish smile


Oh hell no


My room has so many posters. I have Green Day and Nirvana but mostly them, especially Michael and Calum because they are both my favorite


They all look at me with a smirk like they just read my mind, I quickly run up the stairs and I hear Jared running up behind me




I run in my room and close the door and hold it but me against 5 guys was not a long battle


They come in and look around, Luke smirks


"So your a Malum girl?" Which is the ship name for Calum and Michael


I look downs and play with my fingers "Yeah" I squeak and Jared giggles


I roll my eyes and whispers "I'm gonna fucking kill you" I hiss


"Ooo I like this poster" Ashton and Michael admire my Greenday poster


"Thanks, it was the last one in the store and I wrestled a grown man for it" no lie


Ashton chuckles "Really is cool, I haven't seen this poster around a lot"


Michael turns and winks at me, of course making sure the other guys didn't notice and I blush


Calum's POV

Wow, she's a really big fan


But she's different, she's cool and doesn't freak out with every thing we say


Even though she's 15, she's really pretty, No...beautiful 


I looked over at her and smile, her dark brown hair framed her face and her storm blue eyes were absolutely gorgeous


I'm excited for her surprise, we are going on tour all summer and she's coming with us, she's going to be so excited


Me and Luke no but I'm sure if Ashton and Michael knows


I think they will be okay with it, they seem to like her

"Hey guys, wanna come down stairs?" Scott comes up to the door and I can see Elizabeth's eyes light up

I smile and we all walk down stairs


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