Where Ever You Are


4. New chapter


"Michael!" Some one shouts and he turns his head

"Go" I say

He gives me one more look of sadness and walks off slowly

I sigh and close my eyes

What did I get myself into?

Michaels POV

Why can't she?

Does she already have a boyfriend?


"Hey Michael" I see Calum running towards me

"What's up?"

"We have to stay over at Scott's place sense we can't go back to the hotel"

"What's wrong with the hotel?"

"Fans are surrounding the entire building and some fans found our rooms"

"Well crap" I laugh

Elizabeth's Pov

"Hey Liz, your staying over with Scott tonight" Evelyn told me as we walk inside our apartment

"Why?" I ask

"Me and bridesmaid are gonna have a little after party"

"But I'm a-" I stopped "Is alcohol involve?"

"Well...just a little" she said with little smile

"Better not get too drunk" I say as I walk down the hall to change

I took of my makeup and out on jeans and a t-shirt. I walk down stairs and Evelyn drives me over


"Elizabeth Grace!" She shouts but she starts laughing and then drives off

I ring the doorbell and Joy immediately answers it

"Hello Elizabeth" she smiled and let me in

"Please call me Liz" I smile

"Oh right, Liz" I giggle and Scott hugs me

"Hey Lizard" I sigh and let it slide cause he just got married

He lets go "The 5sos boys are staying over too, but they're not here yet"

Crap, I don't want to face Michael

"Er ok...can I watch a movie?"

He sighs "Its late Lizard"

"Cmon! I'm 15 turning 16 in a month"

He sighs "yeah yeah whatever, fine"

I kissed my brothers cheek and I change into a Greenday t-shirt and sweat pants

Some girls start liking Greenday because 5 seconds of summer likes Greenday, not me

I grew up with these guys, my dad was a huge fan of them

Scott and Joy were upstairs and I sit on the couch and scroll through Neflix

Clueless! My favorite chick flick

I click on it and begin to watch

I probably feel asleep because I woke up screaming when something started to tickle me

I look up to see Calum laughing like an idiot

"That's not funny!" I sigh

"Was to me, watcha watchin?" He asks looking at the tv screen

"I was watching Clueless"

"Oh a chick flick" said Luke sitting on a chair beside me

"The best in the world"

"What about Mean Girls?"

I groan "Hate that one"

Calum and Luke look at me wide eyed "What?"

I shrug "I just don't like it"

"You are probably the first girl we ever met that hates Mean Girls" I look up to see Michael smiling down at me

Ugh he so hot

Then we hear mouning sounds coming upstairs

"What the hell is that?" A voice said from the kitchen, Ashton



"I think I'm gonna puke" I whisper

"EWW Calum we have to listen to your Mom and her brother have sex!" Squeals Ashton coming to the living room

Calum shudders

"Well I'm gonna TRY to go to sleep, night guys"

"Good night" they say and I walk upstairs trying best to ignore the moaning sounds

Once I'm almost up the stairs, something grabs my arm and I look to see Michael

"Why couldn't you kiss me?" He whispers

I sigh "Michael. Because-"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asks with such worry

"No...I'm 15"

He stares at me with shock and I look away and walk to room closing the door

Ugh why?!

Then, Michael opens the door

"Michael! What are you doing?" I ask

"I don't care about your age Liz, I really like you"

I look down "We can't, I wish we could"

He takes my hand and I look into his eyes

"No one has to know" he whispers moving his face closer

He's right, our little secret

He kisses me and I kiss back

He cups my face and I moan a little

I'm tugging his hair and he moans too, he deepens the kiss and I let him

I jump on his waist and he begins to kiss my neck

He sucks a little, then puts his lips back to mine

We kiss some more, then seperate

We're breathing heavily and he puts me down

He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear, then lifts me up bridal style

I squeal softly at sudden contact and he chuckles laying me on the bed putting the cover over me

"Goodnight" he whispers and kisses my lips

Just when he was about to break the kiss, I hold him a bit longer

He smiles against my lips and I finally let go

He kisses my forehead and leaves the room with a big smile

I slept with a big smile

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