Where Ever You Are


7. Goodbyes


"Ready?" Evelyn asks me

"Yes and No" I say nervously

"Do the honors Joy" Scott says, Joy smiles 

"Well, the boys are going on tour this summer" She begins

Did I get tickets?

"Yes I know"

Joy smiles bigger "Well in their tour bus, they have an extra bunk"

Wait...am I going on tour with them?!


"YOU'RE GOING ON TOUR WITH 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!" Calum yells and he dances around. Luke laughs at him and joins him

Ashton looked surprised but smiled and also joined

Michael had a shocked but happy expression

"This is awesome! Thank you!" I exclaim and Scott smiles 

"It was all Joy's idea" He says kissing her cheek. I like Joy, she is super sweet and amazing

I hug Joy "Thank you"

"We're family now" She smiles and the boys do a big group hug

This is going to be one unforgettable summer


( one week later)


"All summer?" Bella asks. Me, Bella, and Jared are in my room, we are hanging out before I leave

"Yeah" I sigh, I'm gonna miss them

"Well this kinda sucks" Jared groans and I laugh 

"Kinda sucks? Bitch your life is better when I'm around so your summer is really going to suck!" We all laugh and Jared throws a pillow at me

"I can't believe our summer plans are ruined like camping, getting kicked out of a store, Netflix marathon, getting tan, ETC!" Bella says and I rub her shoulder 

"You can do all that with Jared" I suggest and Jared smiles a cheesy smile

"No, that man slut is going to be with his girlfriend number 6" she throws a pillow at his face 

"Whore" He murmurs

"Asswhole" She snaps back

"Pale" he yells pointing at her pale arm


"My bitches" I say and we laugh some more

"I love you guys" I whisper

"I love you guys more" Bella says 

"I love you guys the most" Jared finishes

I hug them both and cuddle into Jared's arms, he was warm

"It's gonna be one weird summer without you, but it's super cool you are touring with an awesome band" Bella admits

I smirk at her "It's okay, Luke will still have time to text you"

She looks at me all wide-eyed, I'm her best friend she can't hide that she's texting Luke Hemming's

"Ooooo Bella has a boyfriend" Jared sings

"Shutup" Bella giggles. Her and Luke are super cute, I ship lol

We then watch Maze Runner and Dylan O'Brian is so hot and Bella shouts "YAAASSSS BABE" every time he comes on the screen

"I need guy friends" Jared murmurs and we laugh at him

"Sorry, you're stuck with us" I stick my tongue at him

I'm really going to miss them

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