Where Ever You Are


5. Cheater






"Liz" I hear someone whisper shaking me "Wake up"


I groan "Go away Scott"


He chuckles "Cmon get up"


He sounds...younger?


"No" and I face the other side


"LIZ WAKE UP!" He screams in my ear and I scream falling off my bed


I look up not to see Scott...Calum


He's laughing and I throw a pillow at him


"Why are you always scaring me?" I moan


"Your fault for not listening, Scott wanted me to wake you"


"Ugh fine I'm up, now get out" I push him out of the room "I'll be down when I'm ready"


I brush my teeth and brush through my hair


I was super tired so I accidentally feel asleep again on my bed


Soon, someone lifted me up bridal style and blink my eyes open to see Calum again


"Put me down" I say


"Once your downstairs" he said


He throws me on the couch


"OW! Cmon! What the fuck Calum?"


"Language" I hear Scott say in the kitchen


"Ha! Motherfucker!" Calum whispers laughing


"Don't think I didn't hear that" I hear Joy shout


I laugh at Calum and her a "Ugh" under me


I just realize Calum just threw me on Michael


"Sorry Michael" I get off him


"Did you really have to throw her on me?" Michael groans sitting up "She weighs a ton"


I froze


I feel tears coming so I blinked them away


"Liz?" Calum looked at me worried


I simply walk back upstairs


Michaels POV

What happened?


"Hey Michael, can I talk to you?" Scott asks coming up to me


"Yeah" I follow him to a empty hallway and he sighs


"You shouldn't have said that"


"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt her"


"I know, Liz is a VERY insecure girl and I mean VERY. She was like this for two years now...sense our parents died she begin to stress and fall into depression. She began eating a bit more and she gained a bit..."


I feel like a jerk, what the hell is wrong with me!


"Can I talk to her?" I ask looking at the stairs which lead to her bedroom


"Yeah" he smiles walking off and I run up the stairs


I open the door to see Liz crying on her bed


I feel so fucking bad


Elizabeth's POV

"Liz" he whispers


I wipe my tears "Hey"


He sits on the bed "I'm so so sorry I said that! I mean it Liz, I didn't know you were insecure"


I sniffle "It's fine...but it's true I probably do"


He shakes his head "No your not. Your body is beautiful! I love it"


He loves it?


I look at his face and its pink


"I uh I mean u-uh your body is n-nice and hot... Wait! I-"


I giggle "It's fine"


I lean in and kiss his cheek


He smiles and kisses my lips and neck


I moan lightly and moved closer to him


His hands go down to my hips and pulls me up to sit on his lap


I giggle and he tucks a piece of hair behind my ear


"Your so beautiful" he whispers


"You are too" I whisper closing my eyes


I snap my eyes open realizing what I just said and seem him smirking


"I mean not beautiful but-" he cuts me off


"It's fine, I know what you meant"


We go back downstairs and Calum is looking at me worried


"I'm fine now Calum" I smile


"Everything ok?" He asks




"Hey Liz! Jared is coming to take you back with Evelyn, I'm coming by later with a surprise"


My eyes widen


"Surprise? For my birthday?" My birthday is coming in almost a month




"Whose Jared?" Calum asks


"My best friend" I answer




"Morning" someone groans and I look to see Ashton and Luke wobbling down the stairs


"Ugh you couldn't wake them up, but you could still come in my room and scream in my ear" I say giving Calum a death glare


Michael and Calum laugh and I roll my eyes




Then the door opens to reveal Jared


Jared is really cute, but we can only be friends and I only see him as one


He's pretty tall with brown hair and brown eyes


He comes in and shakes my hair


"Hey Lizard!" He smiles


I slap his hand and glare at him


Everyone knows I hate being called Lizard, yet they still call me that!


"Ow someone's feisty this morning" he says causing Ashton to chuckle


He looks over at the four boys and stare for a moment


"Er.." Ashton says


"You guys look so familiar" Jared said and Scott chuckles


"They're 5 seconds of summer" Scott says


"OH right! I know you guys! LIZ here can't stop talking about you guys!"


My face turns pink and I turn to Jared "Really?"


"What else does she say?" Luke asks


Note to self: kill both Jared and Luke later


"Well, she only listens to you guys and some other rock bands. And she calls you guys 5 seconds of sexiness"


I look down my face red


"Awe really" Calum says




Scott and Joy are laughing and the boys smirk at me


Calum crosses his arms "I'm fuckable too!" He whines and they laugh at him


I push Jared out the the door "Ok we are leaving now! Bye!"


Jared giggles as I push him down the steps


"Ugh I hate you! That was so embarrassing!" I say slapping his arm


"I'm sorry Liz" he says, still laughing


"Whatever" I groan walking over to his car and he follows me


"Awe, cmon baby don't be like that" he says with a pouty face as we buckle up


"I'm still mad" I say giggling, I could never stay mad at Jared


"I LUH YOU LIZZZY BEAR!" He yells hugging me tight


"Me too" I say and he starts the car and drives


He turns on the radio and of course , a 5 Seconds of Summer song is playing


English Love Affair


"OH MY GOSH ITS THEM!" He yells and I laugh


We start to badly sing along until he stops in front of my house


"Eve I'm home! Your life is better now!" I yell as me and Jared walk in


Jared walks to the fridge as Evelyn walks down with a smile


"Hey Liz, Scott is coming by later for a surprise!" She says and I smile big running upstairs


I get ready


I just straightened my hair and brush through it


I have natural curly hair, I hate it


I don't have many blemishes, so I put under eye concealer and powder with mascara


I put on my Ninja Turtle tank top and my high waisted shorts



I ran back downstairs to see Jared playing Mario Cart


"Move your butt! I wanna join" I say plopping down next to him


"Fine, don't cry when you get beat!" He smirked


"We will see about that!"


I bite my lip as I pay close attention to the screen, he's soo dead


After what seems like forever, My cart passes the finish line saying WINNER


"YASSSSSSS! I win sucker!" I jumped up yelling 


He pouts "You cheat"


I grin "How?"


He hesitates, then just flips me off and I laugh


"Cool I want in!" out of no where, Luke plops on the couch taking the control from Jared


"Don't play with her, she's a cheater" He says sticking his tongue out


"Sure, just keep believing that. Your just too embarrassed cause you got beat by a girl" I say 


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