A divergents daughter

As Hayley tries hard to make her life better she has a fight with her soon to be ex. She falls in love with someone she thought she would never fall in love with.

This twisted love story between an 18 year old and a 16 year old is sure to take your breath away. Lots of action. ����


7. what the fuck let go of me

I woke up with Harrison next to me. I didn't want to wake him up so I silently got dressed and left. "He'll find out."I said to myself,"What's bad about a walk." I found Sierra with a boy I couldn't see his face because his back was to me. I smiled and waved at Sierra. She did the same to me. The boy turned. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Luke! Luke, the boy who has had a crush on me forever. No way.

"Hey,Hayley,"he said to me giving a weak smile,"I haven't see- "What ever,"I said rolling my eyes. And walked away purposely hitting his shoulder. He smiled but it wasn't a normal smile it was...different. I shook my head mans someone ran into me. Like literally ran into me. I fell. "Ow! Hey how about you watch where you're going next time!"I said. "Oh my god I'm so sorry. Here let me help,"she said. "No I'm fine pushing myself up. "Hi I'm Ashely,"the girl said. "I'm Hayley,"I said.

Luke was watching. Creep. Like get a life.

Later that night

I sat down at the chasm. Luke came and sat down. I sighed loudly. He moved closer. I gave him a death stare. I got up and he grabbed me and covered my mouth. "The more you scream the harder I go. He hit me in the head. I blacked out.

I woke up tied to his bed. Shit he was going to rape me! "Asshole let go of me!" Fucker!"I yelled. He turned and smiled. "Look who's awake,"he said and touched my face I jerked it away. "I have a boyfriend!"I said. "Aw don't worry.this will be all over soon,"he said and grabbed my waist. "What the fuck I said let go!"I said. "No!"he said and slapped me. And then I realized I only had a bra and panties on. I heard someone walk in. "Hey Luke you here babe?"they said. I knew that voice. "Yeah,"he said,"make a sound and I will hurt you! Understand?"he said. I nodded. "Babe I'm tired I'm gonna go to bed. The footsteps got louder. I closed my eyes. "Oh my god. Luke what is she doing in the bed?!"they said. I opened one eye and mouthed help to her. It was Sierra. That's why the voice was so familiar.

Luke walked in. "Oh um I don't know,"he said quickly. "My god Lucas let her go right now! Oh my god Hayley,"she said. He let me go and I got dressed. She hugged me. "Did he hurt you?"she whispered. "No,"I said. I walked home. "Oh my god Hayley what happened?"Harrison asked. I had a few bruises, a bloody nose, and a few cuts.

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