A divergents daughter

As Hayley tries hard to make her life better she has a fight with her soon to be ex. She falls in love with someone she thought she would never fall in love with.

This twisted love story between an 18 year old and a 16 year old is sure to take your breath away. Lots of action. ����


4. Initiation part 2

We got back to Dauntless drunk. I hit Harrison. "Hayley?!"Harrison says,"How's your wrist?" "What?!"I said. "Oh god Hayley your drunk aren't you?" "Yeah why you got a problem because I'm ready to fight!"I yell. Then I walk right into dad. "Hey watch where you're going!"I said. "Hayley!"dad yells. I look up. "Oh hey dad," I say sounding drunk,"didn't see you there."

I wake up with a bad headache and get out the bunk bed we all sleep in during initiation. I get dressed in my black tank, ripped black jeans, and my black shoes. Sierra meets me outside the dormitory and says "hey do you want to hang out later maybe get our hair dyed or something like that?" "Yeah why not,"I say.

We walk to the fear simulation room and no it's not the fear landscape simulation room. That comes later. Harrison comes up and says,"today we start the second part of initiation." Fears. This is the worst part of initiation. "Dauntless born first,"Harrison says. We walk up and sit going one at a time. This took like forever.

Finally my turn. I walk in and see Harrison standing there. He gives me a weak smile. "Let's just get this over with,"I say. "Fine,"he says. I move my hair and tilt my head. The syringe slides into my neck and everything is black.

I'm in a room it has no windows or doors it's on fire the flames getting closer and closer I thought it isn't real it isn't real "It isn't real!" I yell. I'm in the room with Harrison again "Hayley how long do you think you were in there?" "Uh...I don't know twenty minutes?" "No two minutes,"he says.

I meet up with Sierra to hang out. "Hey,"she says,"what you wanna do?" "Let's get our hair dyed,"I say. "Okay,"she says back. We go to the place where you get your hair dyed. "What you gonna get?"I ask. "I think hot pink highlights,"she says,"what about you?" "Electric blue dip dye,"I say. That's what we did. "What you wanna do now?"I ask. "I don't know,"she says.

We do the simulation four more times. Second time was being kidnapped, third was being thrown in the chasm, fourth was drowning in the chasm, and fifth was being trapped in a small wooden box. "That went by so fast!"Joe said when he caught up with us. "Yeah I know right!" Hector said. "Well we still have the final test," I said.

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