A divergents daughter

As Hayley tries hard to make her life better she has a fight with her soon to be ex. She falls in love with someone she thought she would never fall in love with.

This twisted love story between an 18 year old and a 16 year old is sure to take your breath away. Lots of action. ����


3. Initiation part 1

Today was the first day of initiation and Eric was saying that everyone non Dauntless born will be ranked with the Dauntless born. Harrison was the Dauntless born initiator. "Shooting will be first but I doubt none of you not know how to shoot," Harrison said. Me and a few others pull out our pistols.

We all shoot the targets. We saw the others trying to shoot the target and missing. That made me laugh a little. We all looked at the board one was Joe then me then Sierra then Hector and Henry. I was happy that I was ahead of him so I could brag to him and laugh.

Next was fighting and the first fight was me against Joanna which made me mad. We both jumped into the arena and got ready to fight. "I'm gonna make you cry to your mommy and daddy," she said trying to taunt me. "Oh I don't know I'm two on the board and what are you I think what twelfth," I said taunting her back. She charged at me and threw a punch I dodged and kicked her in the stomach she came and threw me to the ground and kicked me I coughed. She grabbed my arm and snapped it.

I saw Harrison pick me up and run. He set me down o his bed in his apartment. "It's sprained," Harrison said looking at my left arm. "You should get some rest I'll take the floor," he said. "I can take care of myself," I said. "Okay I know that," he said.

I woke up in a splint and rolled my at him. "Are you single because rumor has it that you and Henry broke up," he asked. "Yeah why?" "Because I think I love you" and he kisses me. "Harrison!" "What?" "I love you too," I say and kiss him back.

I walked in the cafeteria to find one chocolate muffin left. "Yes,"I say. I eat my muffin. Sierra comes in "hey you want to get tattoos today?" "You know I do!"I said very excitedly. We went in and we saw tori sitting at her station. "What you want?"she asked us. "I want the one my dad has,"I said. She smiled at me. I lifted my shirt and she started working on it. It took about a hour.

We went clothes shopping. I bought a black crop top and some ripped camo pants. I changed into them. "We should go somewhere," Sierra said. "With Joe and Hector too right?"I said. "Yeah and I know just the place!"Sierra said with excitement. "Where?"I asked. "The zip line!"she said.

We jumped off the train. "Let's start going up,"Joe said. "Um how long has this been up?"Hector asked. "I don't know like forty years or something like that,"I said. "Great a forty year old zip line," Hector said sarcastically. "Oh just go you cry baby," I said in a joking voice. We finally got to the top. "We have to climb a ladder to get to the zip line,"I said. "I'll go first I've done this before." "Okay,"Sierra said. I jumped on the zip line and went down. I heard Sierra, Joe, and Hector cheering at the top. I jumped off it was about a ten foot jump but I was fine. Sierra came then Hector and finally Joe.

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