A divergents daughter

As Hayley tries hard to make her life better she has a fight with her soon to be ex. She falls in love with someone she thought she would never fall in love with.

This twisted love story between an 18 year old and a 16 year old is sure to take your breath away. Lots of action. ����


6. authors note

Ok so I came up with some new peps last night names and age so here they are. Oh and they are all in dauntless.

1)Luke age: 16

2)Ashely age: 17

3)Miles age:16

4)Irisa age:18

5)Marie age:16

6)Elise age:17

7)Amy age:16

8)Ashton age:18

9)Michael (boy) age:16

10) John age:17

If you guys have any more ideas I'm free to take them as add them

FYI this is being written by me and by my friend Maddie

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