A divergents daughter

As Hayley tries hard to make her life better she has a fight with her soon to be ex. She falls in love with someone she thought she would never fall in love with.

This twisted love story between an 18 year old and a 16 year old is sure to take your breath away. Lots of action. ����


1. a few bad days

As we sit on the edge of a rock near the chasm me and Henry look at each other and smile he leans closer and kisses me. I heard footsteps and pushed him back we both looked it was Eric Henry's older brother. We were walking home when someone pushed me down and stabbed me. Everything went black

I thought I died when someone, I don't know who, picked me up. I woke up in my bed thinking it was only a dream when I touched the arm I thought I hurt. A sudden sting went shooting up my arm I screamed mom and dad ran in. "What happened!" Dad yelled. "Nothing," I said clutching my left arm. I'm happy I'm right handed. "Oh we thought something bad happened," said mom. Then Henry walked in. "I heard you were stabbed," he said. He looked at my arm and started crying. "Oh man up you baby," I said. "I know who stabbed you," he said crying. "Who?!" I said being a bit angry. "Me," he sobbed.

I grabbed my gun off the night stand next to my bed and aimed at him. "You know my aim is never off!" I yelled. Dad grabbed him by the neck of his shirt. "Tobias," mom yelled," put him down!" "Tris he stabbed our daughter!" He snapped back. "Mom dad stop fighting!" I yelled and dad put Henry down. "Get out," dad growled. He did.

I woke up a little sore and a little late. My hair was messy and my eyes heavy. Then I remembered,"It's testing day!" I jumped out of bed and got in the shower. After I dried my hair and got dressed. I wore all black. Black tank, black ripped jeans, and some black shoes. I ran out the house mom and dad staring at me.

"She has Dauntless in her Tris," Tobias said. "I know," Tris said back," but Abnegation and Erudite too."

I jumped on the train with Hector, Henry, Sierra, and Joe. "Shit," I say under my breath," Henry's on the train." I walk away then I hear "Hayley!" I turn and see Joe. "Hey Joe," I said. "Get ready!" I heard someone yell. We all started jumping.

We all sat at the Dauntless table when I heard a lady call me and Joe. We both walked down the hall and went into separate rooms. I've done this before it's like the fear simulation in dauntless training. The person administering my test was Tori.I sat down adjusting my ponytail so it won't bother me later and drank the whatever it was.

I woke up Tori pushing and shoving me. I knew what this meant. I was Divergent.

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