Guy next door


20. Vanessa

Ash then walked in with Vanessa "Venessa this Emma's house she's Calum's girlfriend where is she cal" ash said looking at cal "Urm upstairs she should be down soon" cal said ash then sees my cloths on the floor next to the sofa that cal is sat on "cal a word" ash says walking into the kitchen "what is Emma doing upstairs really" ash said as cal went red knowing ash knew Somthing "she's getting dressed why" cal said as he looking down at his feet "you had sex with her" ash said as he laughed "why do you think that" cal said still trying to act like nothing happend "cal stop it I know you did Emma's cloths are on the floor and you were out of breath when you answerd the door" ash said as he laughed "fine yeah we did have sex but don't tell her you know and anyway you and Vanessa what's the story" cal said as ash laughed "yeah Vanessa she's amazing I just met her in town and I was to busy on my phone I walked in to her we then got talking and she seemed pretty nice and I asked her out" ash says smiling he smiled everytime he said her name

I then walked down stairs and saw a strange girl just sat on her own "hey who are you" I said smiling as I went to sit next to her "oh hi you must be Emma Ashton's told me all about you my name is Vanessa" she said smiling I laughed and shook her hand "oh cool so who are you Ashtons friend" I asked "now I'm Ashtons girlfriend he only asked me out the other day" she said as she could not help but smile just then Ashton and Callum walked back in "oh hi Emma I see you've met Vanessa" ash says as he walks over to sit next Vanessa "yes Emma this is Ashtons girlfriend Vanessa" cal says as he walks over to hug me "well guys there is a reason we came over we want to invite you to a barbecue tonight" ashton says smiling as he kissed Vanessa "yeah will be up for a barbecue sounds fun" cal said

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