Guy next door


23. trouble

"I walk downstairs to see cal just say on the sofa "hey cal what's wrong" I said but he looked a little pissed off "do you have any idea how drunk you was last night" cal said in an angry tone "no why why are you so mad" I said nearly crying he had never been mad at me before "it was only a few drinks" I said as cal stood up and walked away "I don't care how many drinks it was you asked Luke to take you to bed I don't know if you wanted sex with him or what but I can't stand you right now" cal shouted and went upstairs "what did I really do that how could I of done that I love cal with all my heart he's my world" I said to myself as I then started crying cal just looked back at me and then carried on walking up the stairs

I then got up and left Ashton's house crying and just walking around town on my own crying I then saw Jess a few steps in frount of me I did my best to stay out of her way

As this was happening cal was still at Ashton's house he was sat on the stairs with his hands in his hair he didn't know weather to punch someone or to cry "cal she was so drunk she couldn't of known what she was doing" ash said as he sat down next to cal "I just don't know what to do I love her so much but how could she do this does she like Luke" cal said as he began to cry "no dude she loves you why would she get a tattoo with you or sleep with you even before all that she stayed with you and spent every day with you come on it's so clear that you to belong together" ashton said as cal stood up and walked down stairs "where did she go" cal says looking back at ashton "hay I don't know I've been with you" ashton said just then Michael walked in "hey guys ice just seen Emma in town she looked very upset what happend" michael said as Luke ran down the stairs "did you just say Emma's in town" Luke said "yeah why" Michael said confused "OKAY WE NEED TO GO NOW ASHTON WE WILL TAKE YOUR CAR COME ON!!!!!!" Luke shouted running out the house to the car "okay what's going on why are we going to town" cal said "okay Jess text me saying she's in town with her friends and she wanted me to meet up with her and I said no but if Emma's in town and she runs into Jess" Luke said as cal then kicked Ashton's seat "GO ASH DRIVE NOW HURRY!!!!!!!!!!" Cal shouted

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