Guy next door


11. the plan

"Your my girlfriend and I want you to know that I'd do anything for you" cal said as he hugged me so tight I felt very protected and squished "I would do anything for you cal" I said as I looked at him and could see him smile "I love your smile" I said as I then heard footsteps comming upstairs "hide" I said as I looked at cal his eyes widened "where" he said as we were now both rushing around the room "Urm under the bed" I said "there's no room under the bed" cal freaked out and jumped out the window I stood there shocked at what he just did I quickly shut the window and sat on my bed as my mum walked in "Emma I'm going out you are not allowed out the house goodbye" mum said as she slammed the door

Cal was in the garden on the floor "fuck" cal said as I heard a car either mums forgot her bag or that's ashton I ran to the door "ash ash" I said running to his car "what why the rush I could of run you over" ash said as he got out his car "okay I've been grounded and cal climbed through my bedroom window and then we heard my mum coming upstairs and he jumped out" I said very fast "calm down were is he" ash said "he's in the garden" I said as ash ran to the garden "cal are you okay" ash said as he helped cal up "yeah I'm fine thanks Emma your not supost to be out" cal said as he brushed the dirt off himself "no it's fine mum went out" I said as "wait so your grounded cal isn't Emma's mum friends with your mum" ash said to cal

"Yeah why" cal said confused "because you can get your mum to invite Emma's mum round for a meal or party or Somthing and we can try and get Emma ungrounded" ash said

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