Guy next door


15. the fight

"Don't worry just trust me" cal whisperd to me as I got up I noticed Jess look at me she looks so mad then Luke grabbed me and started to tickle me I was crying with laughter until I got Luke in a head lock and laughed as this was all going on calum was just watching Jess Jess didn't notice that calum was watching her because she was just focused on how I didn't listern to her

Luke then pined me down to the floor "I win" Luke laughed as then cal got up and said "I don't think so" cal said as he then he lifted Luke up as I got up and me and cal both tickled him "we win" cal said it was now 6pm and I went to the kitchen to get some water this was all part of cal plan he then saw Jess get up and go in the kitchen like 2mins after me cal waited about 3 mins which was killing him because he knew what was going on

"You just can't keep your hands off him can you" Jess said as she shut the kitchen door behind her "I didn't you even heard cal say to Luke about the wrestling it wasn't me" I said as I began to cry I knew what was going to happen "oh I saw you laughing and smiling as he pinned you to the floor you just looked at him didn't fight back" Jess said as she backed me up against the kitchen unit "we are just friends" I say as she punched me

"Hey Luke why don't you go see what the girls are doing tell them to come and play video games" cal said as he watches Luke walk to the kitchen he opens the kitchen door and sees me on the floor with Jess leaning over me holding me by my top with her other hand in a fist "HEY! What's going on" Luke says as he runs to pull Jess away as cal runs to me and helps me up "I'm so sorry I didn't know she'll do this" cal said crying and then standing up running towards Jess "cal no" I say as I try to stand up then ash walks in "hey guys how ar-" ash just stands there looking at me and then Luke who is holding Jess and glaring at her "what the hell happend here" ash says "ash stop cal" Luke says then ash runs infrount of cal "hey dude calm down" ash says to cal as Luke takes Jess into the other room

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