Guy next door


26. the bathroom

I got back to Ashton's and cal couldn't keep his hands off me I don't know why but it was funny because I kept pushing him off "we are at Ashton's house" I said laughing but cal didn't care "so he won't mind" cal said kissing me and sucking on my neck "okay but we can't do it here" I said smiling I couldn't resist him when he kissed my neck it was such a turn on "okay come on" cal said as he took me to the bathroom and locked the door he then pushed me against the door kissing me and running his hands up my top and trying to undo my bra I let out a moan as he started to kiss my waist as I put my hands in his hair I then took off his top and started kissing his neck and started to undo his pants he picked me up and sat me on the side of the sink and put my let's around his waist he then took my top off and my bra he had one on my boob and the other holding the back of my neck as he kissed all down my chest and neck I bit my lip so hard it almost bled cal could see I was enjoying it which made him want to see if he could make me yell his name he then helped me off the sink and helped me take off me shorts and underwear he smiled and leaned me over the bath he then crashed into me as I bit my lip even harder "Oh oh faster" I yelled he smiled and did he then moaned and yelled my name "I'm so close" he said as I let out a loud moan he then pulled out of me and came he let out a loud moan "that was" I was so out of breath "amazing" he said smiling as we just leaned against the wall cuddling until we got our breath back and put our cloths back on calum walked out the bathroom and Michael was standing there and high fives cal "well done mate" and walked off cal just stood there thinking that was awkward

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