Guy next door


18. tattoos

It was a few months after the fight with Jess and my face was pretty much back to normal the bruising had gone and my black eye was now normal calum didn't leave my side after the fight which was cute but could be very annoying at the same time Luke was still single and no more Jess which was good Michael and Amie were still together it was cute and ashton was also single and always kept coming to see me and doing his best to make me laugh

I woke up with cal next to me it was so cute but I thought I'd be cheeky so I kicked him out of bed "ow" cal said as he fell on the floor "what was that for" cal said with a smirk on his face "because it's funny" I said laughing as I fell out of bed "haha look who's on the floor now" cal said as he was laughing so hard he nearly cried "hey I'm going to get another tattoo today do you want to come" cal said as I looked at him and laughed "me get a tattoo" I said as I nearly burst out laughing I've never had a tattoo before but I have always wanted one "well you don't have to get one but if you want you can" cal said as he helped me up off the floor "hhmmm okay yeah let's get tattoos" I said as I got really exited and got dressed

We then headed to the tattoo studio I was so nervous I felt faint but I really wanted a tattoo and I didn't want to chicken out in front of cal

"So what are you going to get" cal said as he put his arms around my waist "I don't know Maby that one" I pointed to a triangle with a peace sign in it and cal just smiled "where do you want it" cal said as I looked at me hand "on my wrist" I said smiling as cal got his tattoo I waited and watched the tattoo gun or what ever you cal it I was so scared it looked painful the mad had finished tattooing calum now it was my turn I was very shakey cal held my hand to calm me down "it dosnt hurt that much" cal said as he still had hold of my hand then it started the needle it killed I then tightened my grip on Calum's hand I then bit my lip in pain cal just looked away he hated it when I but my lip I could never know why but every time I did it he turned away

The tattoo was done I loved it it looked so cool cal hugged me and laughed "do you like it" cal said "yeah I love it" I said as I hugged him and kissed him

(Guys I need help I don't know what should happen in the next part should cal and Emma take their relation ship to the next step and comment if Luke should get a new girlfriend and ash also if you want to be them?)

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