Guy next door


24. sorry babe

They got to town and found me sat outside the pub I hadn't been drinking it was the only place with benches outside I saw cal run to me I was worried thinking he was going to shout at me again "babe are you okay" cal said as he got to me "BABE so now you call me babe" I said as I stood up "yeah look in sorry it just upset me I love you so much and when you asked Luke to take you to bed I just broke down I'm sorry" cal said hugging me and kissing me "it's fine but you should know that I love you not Luke and I had so much alcohol I don't even know what I was doing" I said kissing him back "guys get in the car now" ashton said as he dragged us back to the car we then saw Jess as we drives off "oh yeah Jess was in town" I said laughing cal and Luke just looked at me "why is that funny" Luke said "because you guys saved me she didn't get me" I said as they just smiled

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