Guy next door


5. pool party

"We having a pool party later well not really a party just family and these guys do you want to come" Luke said "yeah that'll be fun" I said as I herd another car pull up "dam it mums home" I said "right guys go go I'll bring Emma tonight just go" cal said as he pushed them out the the garden as he got back to work "hi kids are you alright Emma you better of been helping cal not just sitting there" mum said as she took the shopping to the kitchen "I have been helping cal and mum I'm going out tonight" I said

"No your not where are you planing on going" mum said as if it was a bad thing "to cals friends house for a pool party" I said hoping she'll say yes "well have your phone on you at all times and don't wear anything to slutty" mum said as I just looked at her confused it's a pool part how am I suppost to keep my phone on me at all times I thought to myself cal knew what I was thinking I knew because he laughed when she said it

It was that night cal had finished decorating the living room and he went home to change and then knocked on the door "is she ready" cal asked my mum "yeah she's just coming now Emma come on cals waiting" mum said "as I ran down the stairs in shorts and a baggy white top with a bikini underneath "come on then" cal said as we headed to Luke's house

We got to Luke's house and he told us to go straight round to the pool in the garden there was a BBQ going on and a few people in the pool I took off my top and screamed "canon ball" jumping into the pool as cal just stood there stairing at me Luke then pushed him "dude come on you like her this is why I invited her if you like her do Somthing about it ash told us you already made out with her you can't just leave it" Luke said as cal just looked to the floor "but what do I do how do I ask her" cal said "right that's it" Michael said

"Emma come here" Michael said as I got out the pool "dude no what are you doing" cal started panicing "yeah what's up guys guys my eyes are here" I said as they looked up "oh sorry do you like cal" Michael said "yeah why" I said as I went a little red "no like like him" Michael said "yes I do like like him why" I said as then Luke pushes cal again "there know you know she'll say yes" ash said as they all walked off to the pool leaving me and cal there

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