Guy next door


7. pizza

"Amie right we need pizza and video games" I said as she just looked confused "what" Amie said "to get Michael's attention" I said as we then ran off to get pizza "where are you going" cal said "ssshhhh to get pizza" I said as he laughed "wait you've only been here 2 weeks how do you know where the pizza place is" cal said as he walked up to me "it's a pizza shop how could I not know where it is" I said smiling that he was getting worried where I was going I then kissed him and went with Amie to the pizza place

We then got back to Luke's house with all the pizza here we have pizza as soon as we said pizza Michael looked right over "pizza who said pizza" Michael said running towards me and Amie "no Michael this ones mine and cals you have to share with Amie" I said winking at Amie as she went red "who's Amie oh hey Amie" Michael said as he sat down by Amie looking at her with the pizza

"You did it you got his attention" cal said as he smiled and et the pizza

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