Guy next door


19. next step

So we got back to my house and was still really confused why cal never looked at me when I bit my lip he did it a few times so I though I'd try it again so as he was talking to me about his tattoo I saw the perfect opportunity so I did it I bit my lip and he did it again even though he was talking he just turned his head "okay I can't take this why do you turn away every time I bite my lip" I said I did have a lip piercing that's why I usually bit me lip because I like playing with my lip bar "because it's awkward" cal said as I just looked at him "how's it awkward" I said just crossing my arms

"Because it turns me on and I told you about how I don't want a relationship just about sex" cal said as I just looked at him in shock "but we have been dating for months now and non of it has been about sex" I said as I laughed "that's true" cal said as he smiled and looked at me he then hugged me and started to kiss me and leaned me back on the sofa and hovered above me kissing down my neck "I do love you Emma" cal said "I love you to" I said as I wrapped my legs around his waist he then took his top off his tattoos were such a turn on "oh wow" I said as he started to kiss down my chest and took my top off he then moved his hands to my arse and kept squeezing it "you have a amazing arse" he said as I laughed but tried to not ruin the moment

"Thanks I always notice you stairing" I said smiling "well you are my girlfriend can't I stair at you" he said as he moved his lips down to the top of my shorts he then took my shorts off and smiled I then helped him take his pants off he then he lay me back down on the sofa "got your so wet" he said with a cheeky smirk as he then crashed into me and I moaned as I held into the sofa bit my lip he then let out a moan "I'm so close" he moaned as I smiled "aaahh yeah me too" I moaned as he puled out and came and started kissing me "that's was amazing" he said as he smiled "yeah that was grate" I said there was then a knock on the door

We looked at each other in shock "shit" I said as cal quickly put his pants on and I ran upstairs cal them answered the door "hey ash what are you doing here" cal said as ash just looked at him "dude are you okay your breathing weird and I wanted you to meet Vanessa my girlfriend" ash said smiling as he walked in the house

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