Guy next door


12. Michael and Amie

That night we put the plan into action and it actually worked

Skip the plan

Calum got his mum to convince my mum to unground me it worked anyway the next day I got a text from Amie saying hey Emma Michael asked me out and I said yes thank you Michael has invited us to his house today hopfully see you there x

I then heard a knock at the door it was cal "hey what are you doing here" I said as I was still eating my cereal "can't I come see my princess" cal said with a small smile I then smiled and let him in the house as he walked to the kitchen with me "hey do you want to go to michaels today" I said as cal looked confused "why do you want to go there" cal said "I need to go because Amie an-" I stop talking I didn't know if Michael had told the others or wanted to tell then his self so I stop taking "because Amie what is that the end of the sentence" cal said as he started walking towards me as I backed away leaning against the kitchen unit

"Nothing I forgot" I said as I tried not looking into Calum's eyes he wrapped his arms around my waist and then did his little puppy dog eyes "come on babe you didn't forget please tell me" cal said Kissing my neck making me go weak in the knees "okay okay Michael asked Amie out and I didn't know if he wanted to tell you himself but Amie told me and said she was going to be there today" I said as cal stopped kissing my neck "oh really Michael and Amie let's go then" cal said as we walked out the house I locked the door just then Luke turned up with a girl she was so pretty I was actually jelouse of her looks "hey dude what you doing here" cal said as he walked to see Luke

"Just came to see you and Emma hey this is Jess Jess this is cal and his girlfriend Emma" like said as Jess shook our hands "hey nice to meet you" Jess said she was so nice "we are going to michaels if you want to come" cal said as Luke asked Jess "yeah why not" Jess said as we all headed to Michaels house

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