Guy next door


25. Luke's POV


We got back to Ashton's house I'm not going to lie I was a little jelous of Calum and Emma they were so in love I just wanted that every time he kissed her I got jelous I don't love Emma it's just I want a relationship with a girl like her but I would never betray Calum he's one of my best friends Maby I just feel bad for her from what Jess did to her I think I have to tell ashton

I told ash I needed to talk to him he knew Somthing was wrong "what's wrong dude" ash said "I think I have feeling for Emma" his eyes widened "okay why do you think this" ash said as I looked down "I don't know if it's a crush or if I just am jelous of their relation ship but I need help what do I do" I said as I was pulling on my hair I can't have feeling for her she's with calum

"Well how do you know that do you want to sleep with her do you want to kiss her everytime you see her" ash said I then smiled "no I don't it's just I get jelouse when I see then do cute relation ship stuff together like the other night when we were all playing FIFA and she was sat on cals lap with his arms around her while she kept feeding him popcorn" I said as I stop smiling "Luke it's fine you don't have a crush on her it's just you want a relationship don't worry you don't have feeling for her come on we will try find you a girl" ash said smiling

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