Guy next door


27. laughing

Calum then went to sit down as Michael sat across from him laughing "fuck off" cal said as Michael carried on laughing "I don't see why your laughing what about you and Amie" cal said laughing "yeah but not in Ashton's bathroom" there was then silence "we did in yours" Michael said as he laughed cal spat out his drink "WHAT" cal said "what I don't see any difference" Michael said laughing "yeah well you could of told me" cal said disgusted "well are you going to tell ashton" Michael said still laughing cal stayed silent "I thought so" Michael said as he smiled as I then walked in "hey guys what's up" I said as there was just awkward silence "Michael and Amie had sex at my house" cal said seriously I just burst out laughing "that's not funny" cal said looking cross I was still laughing and high fives Michael "well done" I said nearly crying with laughter "Emma this is not funny" cal said again "what and having sex in Ashton's bathroom is" I said laughing as cal sat there in silence as then ash walks in

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