Guy next door


2. kiss

Cal just stood there smiling "hey Emma" cal said shaking my hand he then went to get started stripping the wall paper

I then went upstairs to change I got my black shorts and greenday top on and did my make up not to much make up though I walked back downstairs and saw cal just working he's so hot omg I can't handle it I thought to myself "Emma arnt you going to help" mum said as noticed me just stairing at cal she clicked her fingers in front of my eyes "Emma" mum said again

"Yeah what sorry" I said as I noticed what I was doing "are you going to help" mum said again "yeah of course sorry" I started picking up all the old wall paper on the floor "Emma I've got to go to the shop" mum said as she grabbed her bag my eyes widened she can't leave me alone with him he's to perfect dam it the worst thing was he was using the steamer for the wall paper witch didn't help with the head and it was making him all sweaty

"Okay mum bye" why did I say that dam it mum then left there was then just awkward silence for like 20mins

"So I see you like greenday" cal said as he kept working "yeah there awesome" I said as I went bright red I then finished picking up all the wallpaper and sat down "is it okay if I take off my top it's so hot" cal said as I tried to act casual "yeah do what you want" I said as I just sat there doing nothing his body was perf and the sweat running down his mussels didn't help his tattoos well they were just amazing "so you've only been here 2 weeks" cal said "yeah not that long really but I love this house it's nice" I said he then looked at me "can I have a glass of water please" cal said "yeah of course" I ran to the kitchen and got him some water "I like your tattoos" I said as I have him the glass of water "I like your eyes" cal said as I then went bright red again

"Thanks" I said as I went to go open the window because of how hot it was I then triped over the wire of the floor and landed on cal I look and our lips were attached "oh I'm so sorry" I said quickly getting up "it's fine don't worry" cal said as he just looked at me "what have I got paint on me" I said as I looked to see "no your beautiful and I actually really like you" cal said as I just staired in shock "are you sure your looking at the right person" I said looking behind me "he then kissed me and at this point we were both sweating it was so hot the hottest day of the year

"I'm sorry I had to kiss you" cal said as he stop kissing me "it's fine I really like you" I said as I felt his arms around my waist "your covered in sweat" cal said as he looked at my top it had sweat all over it I looked like a right tramp "I love your lips" I said as I kissed him again he laughed he then kissed my neck as I moaned a little he was so hot I couldn't belive he liked me

I them pushed him away on the sofa and sat on his lap kissing him and down his neck his arms still around me he then moaned and kissed me we were now lying on the sofa he was hovering above me he then started working again

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