Guy next door


13. Jess

We got to Michael's House and knocked on the door as he answered we all saw Amie sat on the sofa playing video games we all smiled at Michael "yeah what" Michael said as we all walked in his house I ran over to Amie as she hugged me "hey Amie how are you tell me everything" I said as Amie told me everything I made calum promise not to say anything about Michael and Amie so he just talked to Luke and Michael like there was nothing he knew

It was later that evening we all was sat watching a film as Luke told me a joke because the others had heard it before so many times and Amie was to busy playing with michaels hair cal then started cuddling with me as Luke got up to go to the kitchen to get popcorn I then got up to go toilet and Luke tickled me and I kept hitting him he knew I needed to pee so I hit him messing not full hard hitting him so he laughed and pushed me laughing me and Luke always play fight it was just how we were and cal would end up laughing and help me beat Luke in our fights

As I came out of the bathroom I saw Jess there "oh hi Jess" I said as she just stood there looking mad at me "don't you hi Jess me" she said as she held me against the wall "what Jess what's wrong" I said as I tried getting out of her grip "stop flirting with my boyfriend" Jess said as she pushed me "I'm not what are you talking about I'm dating calum" I said as I started to cry "oh stop crying I've seen you just then with the tickling" Jess said "no I am not flirting with him I love calum we fake fight that's it he's always like that he's a playful person" I said as then Jess slapped me across the face as I fell to the floor and cried even more "that was a warning now clean yourself up and don't you dare tell anyone about this" Jess said walking into the other room where all the boys were

I got up and wiped my tears away but there was still a red mark on my face from where she slapped me I walked into the room with the others and sat next to calum "hey babe are you okay your not speaking" cal said as he hugged me "yeah I'm fine sorry I'm just watching the film" I said as then cal just looked to the TV and didn't speak to me for the rest of the night we got back to my house as we got into my house cal shut the door "what's wrong" cal said looking at me seriously "nothing I'm fine" I said walking into the kitchen cal followed me as I got into the kitchen I turned on the light "what happend" cal said in a shocked voice I just looked at him "what what" I said as he walked up to me "that mark on your face that wasn't there before" cal said as i just started to cry again he then ran to me and hugged me "babe please please tell me your safe with me I'm suppost to protect you and I can't because you won't tell me please" cal said as he picked me up and took me to the sofa and rested my head on his chest and cuddled me

"It it was Jess" I said crying into his chest "what Jess but she's so nice she wouldn't do that" cal said as I cried more "what you think I'm lieing" I said as cal just looked at me in shock realising that I wouldn't just cry like this for nothing and he knew I wouldn't lie

"But why why would she do this" cal said hugging me "she thought I was flirting with Luke and she pushed me against the wall and told me not to say anything to anyone" I said as I was still crying "why did she think you were flirting with Luke" cal said stroking my hair and texting Luke "because we were play fighting again" I said as I heard him on his phone "oh play fighting you always do that though that's it" cal said getting up "where are you going" I said crying "I'm going to go sort this out" cal said as he walked out the door

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