Guy next door


16. it's over

Luke pushes Jess on the sofa "thanks for not letting cal come hear me" Jess said as she laughs Luke then looks at her and crosses his arms "why are you laughing why did you just beat my friends girlfriend up and give me one good reason why I shouldn't let cal in here to do the same to you what you just did to Emma" Luke shouts

Jess just smiles thinking she can make him forgive her by acting sweet "a awww Luke don't tell me you care about her I mean she's ugly and she so has a crush on you and she's a horrible person" Jess says as she stands up to hug Luke Luke then pushes her away "ARE you kidding me she dosnt have crush on me she with cal and she tells me how much she loves him to the point where it gets annoying" Luke shouts just then ash walks in "Urm Luke Emma isn't good" ash says as then he holds back cal from trying to get Jess "YOU FUCKING BITCH IM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU HOW COULD YOU DO THIS SHES DONE NOTHING TO YOU!!!!" Cal shouts with tears in his eyes as I am still trying to get up but I have a black eye and a nose bleed and scratches on my face and my wrist are bruised from Jess holding me to the floor

Cal runs back to me "I'm so sorry I can't belive I let this happen we need to get you to a hospital" cal says as he cries "no I don't need a hospital I'm fine just alittle bruised" I said as I got up and ash came over to help me as cal and ash carry me upstairs to put me in bed Luke is still shouting at Jess "what did I even see in you that's it we are over get out of Emma's house now!!!" Luke shouts as he goes to punch a wall Jess just looks at him "what are you still doing here next time it won't be the wall" Luke shouts at Jess as she gets up and laughs as she leaves

Luke then walks upstairs to see how hurt I are he sees me with a black eye and blood running down my nose he then turn to face the wall and leans against it and cries "calum I'm so sorry" Luke says crying "Luke don't say sorry it wasn't your fault you didn't know she was like that or what she was going to do just don't worry it's Jess who should be sorry but she's not" cal says hugging Luke "come on I'm phoning a doctor" cal says as Luke just looks at him "Ashton's got a care why don't you take her to hospital" Luke said "she won't go she dosnt want to so I'm calling a doctor" cal says

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