Guy next door


9. grounded

We fianaly headed home me and cal walked together holding hands and resting my head on cals shoulder as he lived next door to me he then kissed me and said "I'll see you tommorow" cal said as we were outside my house

"Okay are we going to hang out with the guys then" I said as he wrapped his arms around my waist "yeah sure but I won't let Ash throw you in the pool again" cal said as he laughed "your so cute" I said as I kissed him And went inside my house as I said bye to cal I then closed the door and turned around mum was stood right behind me "oh hi mum" I said mum looked very angry "where have you been I phoned you like 18 times I told you to keep your phone on you at all times" mum said "it was a pool party mum I can't go into a swimming pool with my phone can I" I said walking upstairs "that's it your grounded and your not going to hang out with cal or his friends for 3 weeks" mum said as I stopped walking up the stairs and looked at her "you can't do that" I said as I through my bag at the door "I can I'm your mother now go to bed I don't want to see you till the morning" mum said as I slammed my bedroom door

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