Guy next door


4. girlfriend

I walked out to get some fresh air "dude why invite the guys round here" cal said to ash "because there our friends and you just want to make out with her" ash said as he laughed "no I don't want there round because it's not our house and I have made out with her" cal says smiling

"What you have when" ash said crossing his arms "before your fucking car showed up" cal said laughing "well I'm sorry I interrupted" ash said just then Luke and Michael walked in "hey who's house is this why are we here" Luke said "cal has a girlfriend this is her house" ash said smiling "she's not my girlfriend I'm helping her decorate her house" cal said as I walked back in "oh hey you must be Ashton's friends" I said as I walked in the room "you did good there cal" Michael says as he elbows cal I just went bright red "hey so how long you been here for then Emma" ash said "not that long only 2weeks I moved here from England" I said as we were all sat on the sofa ash "oh that's a big change then" Luke laughed

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