Guy next door


17. fine

There was then a knock at the door Luke ran down thinking it was the doctor but it was Michael "Michael what are you doing here" Luke said as his eyes were still red from crying "I came to see cal and Amie wanted to see Emma dude why do you look like you've been crying" Michael said as he walked in the house as he herd shouting upstairs "Emma I've called the doctor" cal said "no I didn't want to see a doctor" I said

Michael just looked at Luke "what's happend" Luke looked down then back up to Michael "I broke up with Jess" Luke said Michael just looked at him in shock that was the shortest relationship Luke ever had "why why she seemed so nic-" Luke then cut Michael off "NO SHES NOT NICE SHES ANYTHING BUT NICE SHES JUST BEATEN EMMA UP FOR NO REASON I CANT BELIVE I LET THIS HAPPEN" Luke shouts as he brakes down again "EMMA!!!" Amie shouted as she pushed passed Michael and ran upstairs "Amie what are you doing here" I said in shock "well I wanted to see you and I didn't know where you lived so Michael said he'd bring me and I've just heard about Jess" Amie said as she just began to cry looking at my face "no don't cry it I'm okay it's fine Luke needed to see what she was like and now he knows" I said as I sat up "she how could she do this I don't understand why" Amie said crying looking at my face "she thought I was flirting with Luke I told her I wouldn't do that but she just got mad" I said as luke asked Amie if she could let him and me I have a word Amie then hugged me and walked out the room

Luke sat next to me "I'm so sorry I can't belive She did this" Luke said as he hugged me "no Luke it's fine don't cry please don't cry just think about it at least you know about her now" I said as I hugging him

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