Guy next door


8. drunk

"Yep look it's working" I said as we looked over at Michael and Amie they were talking about FIFA and there love for pizza it was going grater than I thought it would as soon as Michael got up and walked to the kitchen I punched calum only lightly on the arm he just looked at me as I looked at Michael and back at cal

"What" cal said as he looked at me confused "go ask Michael what he thinks about Amie if he likes her" I pushed him laughing "okay okay" cal said walking to talk to Michael

"Hey Michael so do you like Amie" cal said not knowing how to start talking about her so he just said what I told him to "yeah she's cool why does she like me" Michael said looking at cal serious "Urm no exept not no" cal said as he didn't know weather to say that she did like him ash then walked in slipping on the floor laughing "fuck that hurt" ash said laughing he was clearly pissed "she does like me dosnt she" Michael said looking at cal as cal left the kitchen and sat next to me "well how did it go" I said as cal just looked at me "awkward so awkward never make me do that again I want to focus on us" cal said as he kissed me

"Ooooh Emma and cal sitting in a tree luke where's the tree" ash was screaming he was so drunk then Luke walks in screaming laughing "I dunno don't trees grow outside" Luke said laughing he then picks me up "ash help me carry her" to the pool "what no Luke no ash no" they both pick me up and throw me into the pool "yay your a dolphin" ash said as I saw cal behind him and push them both in too "well done cal" I said as then Michael was behind cal "micha-" I couldn't warn cal in time Michael pushed cal in the pool "I am king on the pool" Michael said standing on a garden chair as Amie walks out "guy what's going on" Amie said laughing at us all in the pool "I am king of the pool you must get in the pool" Michael said still stood on the garden chair "Michael your not king until everyone is in the water" Amie said as she pushed Michael in the pool Amie was so cool

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