Guy next door


14. Calum's anger

I them ran out and grabbed his arm "no no cal please please don't" I screamed as I cried again "no no no look what she's done to you" cal said as he turned around trying to get my hand off him "cal no stop no just please" I said as cal them looked at me there was just awkward silence "fine but I'm watching her from now on where ever you go I go in not letting thus happen again" cal said as he hugged me he took me to bed and just lay there cuddling with me but I don't think he slept that night

It was the next day I woke up and calum wasn't there I looked at my clock it was 11am I walked downstairs and cal was sat on the sofa talking to Luke I just hope he hasn't told Luke I went to sit down next to cal as he held my hand I then rested my head on his shoulder nearly falling to sleep again as I heard Luke say Jess I then felt Calum's grip on my hand tighten "hi Emma do you like Jess I was so worried thy you wouldn't" like said as I just looked at Luke "yeah she's cool" I said "good because I've invited her round I hope that's okay" Luke said as Calum's grip on my hand got tighter it now started to hurt it was every time some one said Jess "that's fine" I said as cal whisperd "you don't have to do this" cal whisperd I just looked up at him and kissed his cheek and then rested my head on his shoulder again

There was then a knock at the door it was Jess Luke went to open the door "hey beautiful" Luke said as he kissed Jess she then walked in and cal moved me onto his lap so Jess wouldn't sit near me but she sat where I was before cal moved me Calum's grip on my hand tightened more I bit my lip in pain calum didn't know what he was doing he really wanted to tell Luke the truth but knew he couldn't "so Emma how have you been" Jess said with a smile as cal tightened his grip more "FUCK!" I yelled as cal realised what he was doing "sorry" he whispered "well Emma how have you been" Jess said again

"Urm yeah fine I'm fine thank you" I said with a little smile "Jess what do you say to some video games and pizza" Luke said "yeah that sounds fun" Jess said just then cal had a plan he nudged me then looked at Luke "hey Luke you and Emma should wrestle again since non of you have ever won yet" cal said with a smile "what the hell are you doing" I whisperd I then got really worried and my heart was beating 10 times faster "yeah okay come on Emma" Luke said

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