Guy next door


3. ashton

"Hey is anybody home" a voice said as the guy pushed the door open slowly "ash what are you doin here" cal said in shock I just looked who is this I thought "calum working something's not right" ash said as he laughed "oh hey you must be Emma" ash said said hugging me "oh hi" I said as he hugged me "sorry I'm a hugger" ash said

"It's fine don't worry" I said laughing ash just looked around so what are you doing then "ash said "I'm helping Emma decorate the house" cal said smiling "yeah my mum just went out to the shop she'll be back soon" I said as I went to get a glass of water from the kitchen "so dude why are you really helping" ash said to cal "because I'm nice and she needs help so I'm helping" cal said as he smiled "you like her go on say it you like her" ash said as I walked back on the room

"So ash is it" I said "yeah it is" ash said "what are you doing here" I said

"Oh I'm cals friend and I went to his house and his mum said he was here and I saw the door open" ash said as he sat down "it's hot in hear do you mind if my friends luke and Michael come and see cal working he never works it's like a mirracle" ash said as he laugh "yeah that's fine" I said as cal gave ash a glare

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