Guy next door


6. Amie

Cal just stood there looking at me "sorry about Michael" he said as he smiled "it's fine I do like you though" I said as I could see the guys peeping behind a garden chair

"You do wow that's a relief I thought you wouldn't or you was just saying it for my friends" cal said smiling "well we did kiss and I don't kiss people I don't like" I said laughing "okay so do you want to be my girlfriend" cal said as my eyes widened "yeah of course I do" I said almost screaming with joy as I saw the others all high five each other cal just looked at and noticed why the guys were doing "fvck off guys" he hissed "cal it's fine" I laughed

I saw this girl just sat by the side of the pool she looked sad "hey are you okay" I said as I sat next to her "yeah I just want Michael to notice me" she said as I laughed "ahh you like Michael I'm sure he's noticed you" I said as I laughed she was so pretty how could he not of

"Thanks you seem nice who are you" the girl said "I'm Emma I'm new here Luke just invited me" I said dipping my feet into the pool "how do you know Luke and I'm Amie" she said as I smiled "I'm calum hoods girlfriend so he invited me and I'm Emma" I said as we hugged each other

"Emma that's a cool name" she said as I then had an idea "hhhmmm wait here" I said as I ran over to cal "hey Emma why the rush" cal said "what's the best way to get Michael's attention" I said as cal looked at me worried "why do you want his attention" he said I knew why he was thinking "no no nothing like that this girl over there likes him so I need to know how to get his attention" I said laughing as cal just looked at me "well pizza video games stuff like that" he said as he smiled "okay thank you" I said as I the turned around to go see Amie as cal grabed my hips and turned me facing him then kissing me "your beautiful" cal said as I smiled and kissed him back "your so perfect" I said as I then ran to see Amie

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