Guy next door


21. alcohol

It's later that night and we head to Ashtons Bar-B-Que we get there and I see Aimee and Vanessa and walked to talk to them "hey guys how are you enjoying the party" I say as Amie laughs "it's grate I love it I was just telling Vanessa about how you helped me get Michael's attention" Amie said as she then walked away with Michael to get a drink "so what shall we do" Vanessa said as I just just smiled "shots" I said laughing as Vanessa laughed to we then headed to the bar to get some drinks I see Michael and Amie making out but just look away laughing with Vanessa we spend a lot of the night doing shots "ashton then comes up and wraps his arms around Vanessa's waist "aww you too look perfect together" I say as ash kisses Vanessa "aww thank you" ash says as Vanessa nearly falls over

"You've had to much" Ashton's said as he laughs "no I haven't Emma has" Vanessa said as then I fell off a chair and just laughed on the floor "Calum come sort your girl out" ashton shouts as cal comes over "my girl look at Vanessa she's on the floor" cal said laughing

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