The Dangers of Being a Writer (Sequel to Never Fall For a Spy)

the young spy Bella Horan aka Andrea Jenkins faked her death to get out of a mission she was assigned which was to capture the pop star in the band one direction the one and only Liam Payne. Ryan Smith aka Einstein foster and another pop star Luke Hemmings helped her escape this mission so she then went underground. one year later she resurfaces to become a writer and live her life without love, without guns, and without Liam. She is writing about a certain person, someone who is in the spotlight, the one and only Zayn Malik also a band member of one direction. when Liam sees a mysterious 'fan' watching his friends every move he decides to confront her but that one decision changed both their lives forever.


4. trouble in paradise

We are in Liam's flat right now drinking pink lemonade.

"you know this is my favorite?" I commented remembering just how much I loved it.

"oh cool me to-" Niall began but Louis cut him off

"oh ya" he 'recalled' eyeing me suspiciously. I just starred off into the distance not making eye contact. does he know? how?

"may I use your bathroom?" I asked, Liam nodded and pointed in the direction of the bathroom even though i already know where it is, but he doesn't know that.

I walked up the stairs and opened and closed the bathroom door but I didn't go in, I walked towards Liam's room then slipped in closing the door behind me.

his room looks the same, Liam was always neat so every thing was in the exact same place just like I left it. I walked over to his book shelf where a box of pictures and some of my old stuff were being stored away. I pulled out a few pictures, tears came to my eyes as I watched my life being shown to me on paper. all those memories with the boys and with Liam and almost meeting my parents who abandoned me many years ago to fend for myself.

i picked up my old perfume bottle, only a little bit was left in the bottom, his pillows smelled of my perfume, I kinda feel bad now knowing how sad i could make someone how heart broken he must have felt.

the door clicked open and i spun around the delicate glass bottle shattering on the ground and the last bit of the scented liquid sunk into the carpet.

Liam looked horrified as he kneeled to the ground looking at the shards of glass which once held the perfume...


happy new year every one here is a new chapter i hope you liked it! -Ana

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