The Dangers of Being a Writer (Sequel to Never Fall For a Spy)

the young spy Bella Horan aka Andrea Jenkins faked her death to get out of a mission she was assigned which was to capture the pop star in the band one direction the one and only Liam Payne. Ryan Smith aka Einstein foster and another pop star Luke Hemmings helped her escape this mission so she then went underground. one year later she resurfaces to become a writer and live her life without love, without guns, and without Liam. She is writing about a certain person, someone who is in the spotlight, the one and only Zayn Malik also a band member of one direction. when Liam sees a mysterious 'fan' watching his friends every move he decides to confront her but that one decision changed both their lives forever.


3. My turn

I guess you could consider me a writer now. I have to basically write a whole book every day about Zayn and every thing he does, says, wears and even where he goes. so I have to follow him around, its my first day on the job and I haven't been caught yet, so that's good I guess...


right now I am crouched down behind a shrub writing about what kind of latte Zayn is drinking. Like seriously? why does this even matter?

The little bell rung as the rest of One Direction entered the café with body guards all around them while the doors were closed then locked to keep the fans out. When the fans had all finally left they got up and started to go towards their limo, your probably like Bella! do something how can you write about Zayn when they are in their car?!?! don't worry chill I have a plan.

I walked over to them as if I were walking into the café and on my way I bumped my shoulder into harry

"oh sorry my bad" I apologized slipping a mike into his pocket and using my British accent, which I have improved on sense the last time I used it, also im wearing a wig; it is darker brown than my normal hair and I have a purple stripe just to add to the punkish vibe

"its fine" he said smiling at me as we went our separate ways, dang it I thought it would work but don't worry I had a back up plan I also took his wallet  ;)  as I climbed the three steps leading to the café door I bent down as if I were picking up something then ran to their car and knocked on the window harry then opened the door but my hand was on the handle so I pulled the handle right when he was opening it so the door smacked me in the face, I know dude why would you do that well its all part of my plan, but ya it really does sting.

"oh my goodness! are you okay?!?!" harry jumped out of the car and kneeled next to me where I lay on the concrete blood dripping from my forehead

"harry, maybe you killed her" Louis joked

"Shut up lou! um are you okay?" he asked again I blinked a couple times acting like I didn't know where I was

"umm... yeah I think so" I replied looking around me "what happened?" I asked

"well you ran to the car and knocked on our window so I opened the door and it kinda hit you in the head" he looked down ashamed

"oh, ya I was going to ask you if this was yours" I said handing him the wallet

"oh ya it is! how did you find it?" he asked

"um it was on the stairs" I replied he just nodded

"well are you going to help her up haz or just leave her there?" Liam added.

"oh sorry here" he stood up giving me his hand to help me up. I grabbed it but when I stood up I tripped over my foot but just acted like I was dizzy harry caught me before I fell again.

"well, how did you get here" harry asked

"I rode my motor cycle, why?"

"well obviously you are in no condition to ride it home so you can just come with us and we can bring you home later" he smiled back at me. Awe still the caring old harry that I used to know.

"what about my motor cycle?" I asked

"I can bring it to our house if you would like?" Zayn offered

"sure" I said throwing him the keys

"oh and Zayn?"


"thanks" he just smiled and walked towards my motor cycle.

once we were driving for a couple minutes Liam asked

"so what's your name?"

"I'm Vivian" I smiled towards him, he looked puzzled for a second but just shook it off and nodded

"do you know Zayn?" niall asked

"Um, no why?" I answered hesitantly

"well you seemed so comfortable with him like you don't just let any one ride a $3,000 motor cycle" he told me like every one should know that. harry tensed when niall said I was 'comfortable' with Zayn. Oh Harry if you only knew...



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