The Dangers of Being a Writer (Sequel to Never Fall For a Spy)

the young spy Bella Horan aka Andrea Jenkins faked her death to get out of a mission she was assigned which was to capture the pop star in the band one direction the one and only Liam Payne. Ryan Smith aka Einstein foster and another pop star Luke Hemmings helped her escape this mission so she then went underground. one year later she resurfaces to become a writer and live her life without love, without guns, and without Liam. She is writing about a certain person, someone who is in the spotlight, the one and only Zayn Malik also a band member of one direction. when Liam sees a mysterious 'fan' watching his friends every move he decides to confront her but that one decision changed both their lives forever.


2. escaping life

I burst through the back doors of the hospital the fresh air filled my lungs while the cool breeze surrounded me. I darted to a black van and knocked once then twice then once. The doors swung open and two hands grabbed me pulling me in. The tires screeched against the road as the black van turned a sharp corner exiting the alley.


"Hey Luke." I said after catching my breath

"Hi Bella" he replied

"So, how is Ryan?" I asked

"he is doing fine, it is still hard for him to get around sense Niall shot him"

"oh ya about that-"

"Liam doesn't know your alive dose he?!?!" he groaned. before I had time to respond he continued...

"Ugg! Bella! Do you have any idea how much we have done for you?"

"Luke quiet! you never let me finish! Liam doesn't know he is more confused than anything. But we have a bigger problem"

"oh ya and what is that?"

"more like who, Zayn Malik"

"oh crap I forgot about that guy he was the one who helped us get Liam to where you were brought after being kidnapped right?"

"Yep that's the one, and those cuffs hurt!"

"sorry Niall was there so it had to look and be believable" he sighed hugging me

"its fine and I know it had to be done" I mumbled into his shoulder

"so Niall really is your brother right?" Luke asked sitting back down

"ya, but that dose not matter right now we need to keep an eye on Zayn and make sure he isn't up to any funny business"

"I'm sure you would enjoy that very much wouldn't you Ms. Horan?" he smirked teasing me, the car had came to a stop so I just opened the door and hopped out leaving him with no answer.

he jumped out and started to run after me so I ran in the house then slammed the door behind me. Luke walked away I sighed with relief but suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder, I spun around to face the one and only Luke Hemmings.

"how did you get in?!?!" I screeched as he tackled me to the floor

"its called a garage dumb butt" he yelled

"hey I'm not a-"

"Luke, Bella! get your asses of the floor right now and help me with the stuff" Ryan yelled, we both scrambled to get up and then we ran to the van to unload our stuff.



All our equipment was finally unloaded and set up in the living room and my clothes were in the dresser. We have a three room apartment so Ryan has one room and I have the other because I kicked Luke out to the pull out couch in the living room. (Ryan's room, Bella's room and the living room) We still have some spy equipment and guns so yes I didn't fully escape the guns but they are only for emergencies.






11 months later....




it has been almost a year sense I faked my death and sense then I have been laying low staying out of the spot light, basically not drawing any unnecessary attention to myself.


 Luke has been watching Zayn and so far he has not done anything to tell Liam about the truth. it has been a weird year I went to my own funeral, Liam was crying. They all were, all except Zayn. He was and still is the only one who knows the truth.

the boys are getting to close to knowing about Luke following Zayn, I mean come on they're not idiots you kinda notice when you keep seeing the same suspicious person following you all the time, so now its my turn...





Here is the first chapter :D I hope you liked it! I know its kinda short but there will be many more to come! -ana



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