Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


24. xxiv.


This was it. Today is the day I've been dreaming about my whole life, getting married to my soul mate the one that i would proudly call my husband for the rest of my life. I was finally getting my happily ever after. I look at myself in the mirror noticing something different in me. I looked happier than ever. Of course i thought i looked beautiful as my white dress hugged my body at a comfortable position. I smiled and put my hand on my mothers necklace. She told me that one day i would find the man that made me happy and would love him with all my life. 

To think that she's not here with me in this moment kills me but i know she's watching me and she's here with me in spirit. I swallow and walk out the bathroom and into the room where my everyone but Luke were in. Their laughing stop as they all look at me with wide eyes and jaws open.

" oh god, honey you look beautiful" My Aunt Joy says as she rushes over to me. I smile and give her a hug.

"thank you" 

"Dang Ken you look like a princess" I laugh at Jade. As i receive more compliments from everyone else.

"Alright let's get this wedding started" Cal says, we all nod and focus as we make our way out to the ceremony. Kendall, Romeo, McKenzie and Jai all ran past us as they smiled.

I waited at the end of the line as everyone who was part of wedding made their way down the aisle.

I look at my dad and give him a smile he returns one back.

"Ken, i know i haven't been in you're life forever but i want you to know that i love you so much and i want you to be happy. And if Luke makes you happy then i'm with you" I hug him as i try not to tear up.

"I love you too dad" He chuckles and hugs me back.

"Are you ready for this ?'' I nod and we both beginning to walk.

I notice all of my friends and family members from my dad's side smiling at me. All of this felt like a dream to me, i look ahead to see Luke tearing up while Ash pats his back.

We finally reach the end of the aisle.

"Luke, i want you to take care of my daughter like your life depends on it" My dad says to Luke.

"Don't worry sir, i'll protect her and make her happy." My dad and Luke both give each other a man hug and my dad hands me over to Luke. I smile and look into his blue eyes knowing that this moment was real.

" You look beautiful" I laugh and smile.

"And you look handsome" We both laugh.


"Luke your vows" Luke nods and takes out a piece of paper.

" Kendall, i honestly never thought i would fall in love. And i never thought that a girl like you would ever fall in love with a guy like me. But here we are...I promise you that i will protect you with all my life as well as our four little trouble makers. I will never disappoint you. I will always be there for you no matter what, i'll catch you when you fall, i'll make you laugh when your upset. I promise i won't be such a mess person and will attempt to cook at least once a week. And still make time for romantic dinners at least once a week. I love you and i never want to let you go. You will always be the one that i chose" Everyone let out awe's and little laugh's. I wipe a tear of joy and laugh.

"Kendall" I nod and clear my throat.

"Luke, I love you with all my heart. And i never though that love would actually come to me. You changed my whole point of view of life. You're the most amazing human being i've ever met and i've never fallen so hard. i promise that i will always be by your side no matter what. i will never leave you...even if it means having to deal with your loudness and weirdness. I love you Luke hemmings and i will always love you" I say while laughing.

" Luke, do you take Kendall Marie as your loving wife ?" The two of us look into each others gleaming eyes.

'I do" A big smile on his lips.

"Kendall Marie do you take Luke as your husband ?" I smile and quickly look up at the blue sky. And then back at Luke.

"I do"

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