Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


23. xxiii.

                                                                                      *Three years later*

" okay we just need to have everything set up tomorrow and we'll be fine...i hope'" i say as i walk with little Kendall holding my hand and my Aunt joy around the empty venue located in Italy. Tomorrow Luke and i would get married. The twins have grown older and cuter every single day.Luke and i also had the blessing to have another baby girl two years ago named Mackenzie We are also currently getting ready to adopt a three year old  named Jai. My Aunt Joy who i now consider a mom is married to my dad. Cal and Jade are now husband and wife since last year. Jade is now pregnant with a baby girl. 

Sadly Michael and Leigh are not together as the two thought it was best to be friends. But i'm sure the two will end up getting back together by the end of this month. Jesy and Ash also parted ways three years ago. Jesy is dating Jake. The two have been together for three years now. Ash is still trying to find someone but both him and Jesy still make fun of each other at times.

" don't worry, everything will be fine and go according to plan" I smile and hug her as i let go of Kendall's hand.

"thank you, i don't know what i would do without you" She smiles.

"no need to thank me dear" Before i can say anything i hear two voices singing. i turn around and a smile forms on my lips.

"daddy" Kendall yells as she runs towards Luke who is giving Kenzie a piggy back ride as Romeo is walking next to Luke.

"princess"he yells back. 

"oh my....I'll let you catch up with the kids i need to make sure where Jackson is" My Aunt Joy says as she hugs me and walks away to go find my brother. My dad's sister had gone to jail and once she got out she got beat up and sadly died. She has a ten year old son who is now in the hands of my dad. Both Jackson and i get along well and feel like related. But once you put him in a room with Cal...well the two go crazy and act like the best brothers in the world pulling pranks on people.

I walk over to Luke and the kids.

" Hey mommy guess what" Romeo says as he attacks me with a hug. I laugh and carry him. He was a really talker for a three year old.

"what ?''

"Me and Kenzie are punk rock" I laugh and kiss his forehead.

"Aye don't forget about me buddy" I look up to see Luke with a smirk on his lips. He leans in to give me a kiss.

"ew'' both Kendall and Romeo say as Kenzie begins to laugh. I put Romeo down and take her from Luke's arms.

" How about we all get ice cream" Luke says, the two twins yell and jump up and down. i smile and we all start to walk to a near by ice cream shop.

"You excited for tomorrow" Luke asks as we eat our ice cream. The twins are eating their ice cream while playing a game. And Kenzie on my lap eating some as well.

"of course after having me wait three years'' he laughs as he puts an arm around me.

"aye blame Simon for booking us on tour for the past three years" i roll my eyes playfully and continue to eat my ice cream.

"i'll make sure to tell him tomorrow" he chuckles and takes another spoonful of his ice cream. I laugh and turn my attention to the twins who were now playing with Kenzie who had gotten off my lap to play with her siblings.

"You know i think we make pretty cute kids" he says as he pulls me closer to him. i cross my legs and put my hand on top of  his knee.

" Of course we do" he laughs, i turn around and look into his blue eyes. his lips form into a\smile and we both lean in for another kiss.

we pull away and put our focus back on the kids as we talk. After staying at the park for awhile we head back to the hotel to put the kids to sleep so they wouldn't get cranky tomorrow.

"Alright let me just'' 

" Hello lovely people" I turn around to see who cut me off and it was Jesy.

"Auntie Jesy !!!!" the kids yell as they run up to her.

"ah my little pumpkins how are you all" I chuckle and sit on the couch.

" Jesy what are you doing here ?'' Luke asks as he sits down right next to me putting his head on my lap as he hugs my small body.

"Well i came to tell you all that Jake and i are over and I'm back with Ashton" My eyes go wide as i play with Luke's hair. Jesy sit's down across from us as Romeo and Kenzie attack her with more hugs.

"woah woah woah, you and Ash together" Luke says as he moves a little.

"of course, Jake cheated on me so i....i gave him a few hits and then Ash came to cheer me up and we kinda had you know"

"okay we get Jesy, as long as your happy" i say. She smiles and puts the kids down.

"alright kids i have to go and so does your dad' She says as she tells them Al goodbye i raise an eyebrow.

"huh ?'' Luke says as he sits up.

"yeah you can't sleep with the bride the night before your wedding it's bad luck"  She says as she takes Luke's hand and whistles. Ash comes in and the kids go and attack him.

"So i'm gonna stay with Ken and the kids while Luke spends the night over with the boys. Jade, Sophia, El, Ana and Leigh Anne will be here soon" i laugh and pick Kendall up as she sit's next to me on the couch.

"oh my god, you two look so alike" Ash says as he points at me and Kendall, i laugh as Kendall hides her face.

"Well i guess i'll see you tomorrow'' Luke says as he leans in to kiss me but Ash get's in front of Luke.

"haha, your funny that's not till tomorrow mate" Luke rolls his eyes and quickly hugs the kids.

"Really Jesy /'' She laughs and nods.

"yes we can't have no bad luck tomorrow" I laugh and shake my head. As we watch movies the girls arrived and help me put the kids to sleep soon we all fell asleep. I stayed up a little, i make sure all the girls are asleep and take my phone with my outside in the balcony. The Italy city view in front of me.

I sit down on the chair and make a phone call. I put the phone against my ear and wait for the answer.

"hello love'' I smile and hug my knees.

"you out in the balcony too ?'' i ask he chuckles and i can image a big smile on his lips.

"of course...can't believe Ash took me away from you" I bit my lip and look at the stars.

"i agree but we can't have bad luck tomorrow" 

"i love you so much, that the word love isn't even enough to say it" i smile and close my eyes.

"i love you too Luke." 

"get some rest love. because after today you'll be mine for the rest of my life"

"goodnight Luke"

"goodnight love' I hang up and smile. And i knew that nothing could ruin this moment.

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