Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


22. xxii.

                                         " hey Ken, where did you put those lights ?'' i hear my dad say from downstairs. I i walk down the stairs with Romeo in my arms. The twins where now four months old. Everything has been going by so fast. It's already April which means two more months till Luke and the others come back from tour. I haven't talked to them daily but when i do i hear so many great things about the tour and how Ash and Jesy do so many stupid things. And Michael had gotten burned at one of their concerts and how Jade fell on stage.

                                         Aunt Joy and i have been looking at things for her wedding with my dad. Like dresses and center pieces. Of course Becky and Ana joined. I've been hanging out with Zayn and Ana a lot lately, who have been helping me take care of the twins. Also two months ago Ana had surgery to see again and everything worked out fine. I've also came out with a clothing line with the help of my Aunt Joy.

                                                     "uh, no i haven't i think Aunt Joy has them in the basement somewhere " i tell him as i put Romeo in the stroller next to little Kendall.

                                  My dad's been good with his cancer which has been stable at the moment. But we still attend regular check ups. As for Luke and I's wedding...well that's a whole different story. I've been so busy with finding houses and the twins that i haven't manage to even look at wedding things. But on the other hand Luke and i had agreed to wait awhile to have the twins be in the wedding. Which gives me plenty on time to think of things and plan.

                                                 '' Dad i have to leave to see the house, I'll see you later'' I yell as i put on my nude high heels. I stand up and open the door. i turn to find the twins sleeping i smile and take them outside.

                                                     '' Alright see you at dinner'' I close the door and walk to the car with the twins and put them in their car seats. Since the twins where born, My Aunt Joy and my Dad moved closer to the beach and into a bigger home with gates to help protect us from the press. 

                                            I put the stroller in the truck and get inside my jeep. I get out of the drive way and head over to the house that Diana my realtor wanted to show me. Of course Luke was going to see it...over face time but i was gonna have Zayn and Ana come with me as well.

                                                   As I'm driving i think about how everything was finally going back to normal. I mean i didn't have to worry about Ross or Katie anymore. I finally felt safe for the first time in so long.

                                                 After twenty minutes i finally make it to the home and it was beautiful. And had a lot of privacy. I get out of the car and see Zayn and Ana. Zayn quickly runs over to me and helps me with the stroller.

                                                         '' Thanks Zayn'' He smiles at.

                         ''no problem Ken" I turn around and see Ana. I smile and give her a hug.

                                            ''yay you're on time" I laugh at her and nod.

                                    ''i know finally" We pull away and i see Zayn with Romeo.

                '' You excited i mean this looks huge'' Ana asks i nod with a huge smile on my face.

                              '' Yeah, i just don't know what Luke's gonna think, you know he likes small places'' she nods as she puts her hands in her short pockets.

                                                  '' Diana's not here yet ?'' I ask. Ana shakes her head no.

                    '' Naw she said she's stuck traffic but we can go in'' Zayn says as he puts Kendall in the stroller.

                                                    " Alright then let's go in" We all nod, Ana taking over the stroller as i call Luke and Zayn opens the door. After three times he didn't answer.

                                 '' What's wrong Ken ?''Zayn asks, i shake my head and try to call Luke again.

                                                '' Luke's not answering'' Both Zayn and Ana stay quiet.

                                        '' Maybe his...sleeping ?'' Ana says, i shrug and hang up.

                                                ''we can just look at the house. I'll take pictures. They nod and we begin to explore the house which was amazing and just beautiful in general. Diana came in and we talked but didn't take the house. The three of us ended up going to Zayn and Ana's house. They both decided to move to Australia since they both hated the cold. 

                                                  " I just called Luke and it went straight to voicemail'' Zayn said as he ran a hand through his hair. i sigh and shrug.

                                                   '' he said he would have a day off today.'' Ana nods but i notice a small smile on a face. Which means something is going on. Before i can say anything Romeo starts to cry. i put a finger up and walk over to Romeo and try to calm him down. After ten good minutes he had fallen back to sleep. I turn to head back to the kitchen.

                                             '' sorry, you know how'' i stop and i see Luke standing in front of me.

                                                      '' surprise'' I smile and hug him as tight as i can. finally being able to wrap my arms around him made me feel joyful.

                                                           I put my lips on his as he does the same.

                                         ''wow ew really'' I pull away and see Ash with a smirk on his face.

                                                    '' Ash'' I hug him and his taken by surprised.

                                                          ''wait you missed me ?'' I nod.

                           ''of course i did'' He begins to jump all over the face and points at Luke's face.

                                         '' Ha i told you people miss me'' We all laugh and sit down.

                                                ''wait where are the others ?'' I ask Luke.

                                             ''they couldn't come because Simon only allowed two of us to go, don't ask me why he picked Ash cause i don't know either?'' i slap his arm playfully.

                                      '' I came to see my nephew and my niece duh'' I laugh and stand up.

                                                 ''Their sleeping but you can come see them" THe two nod and excuses themselves from Zayn and Ana.We walk to the living room where both Kendall and Romeo were sleeping.

                                                       ''they've grown so much''Luke says.

                                    ''oh shut up, it's not like their eighteen" I roll my eyes playfully at Ash.

                                                           '' really Ash'' He shrugs.

                                                                      " yes " 

                                     Luke comes behind me and wraps his arms around me.

                              '' Can't believe i'm a dad'' I nod. As we watch Ash play with their hands.

                                    ''your gonna be the best dad ever'' he smiles and turns me around and places his lips on mine. i smile and i knew that this is what made me happy. Luke and the twins were all i needed.



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