Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


21. xxi.


                                           Two weeks have passed since i got out of the hospital, Romeo and Kendall were finally at home with my Aunt Joy and my father. Luke and i were planning on moving into a house and made a pact to never leave each's others side again. I will admit everything has been crazy these past two weeks. When i got out of the hospital we we're all literally attacked by the press, fans have been blowing up my notification on every social media site, my story starting to cast all over the world in ever news channel, my pictures were in magazines and tabloids saying she's back and feeling better than ever, my celebrity friends mailing flowers, cards and candy to my house as well as baby clothes, toys and other baby supplies

                                        Jade and Jesy threw me a late baby shower while Leigh-Anne helped Simon with the welcome back party. I guess you can say everything is going back to normal accept for the fact that the boys and my girls will be leaving for their tour today. I had told the girls it was okay and that it was a big deal and there would be more tours in the future, i knew my priority was to take care of my two babies and take care of myself since the doctor wanted to see me every two weeks to make sure i was fine.

                                          Luke did everything to convince Simon to let him stay with the twins and I. But, i didn't let him i made sure he would go on that tour. Not just for the boys but for the fans. It wasn't fair that because of me the tour was canceled. He agreed only because i made him. At the moment i was currently at Luke's flat which was filled with boxes of things that we would be taking when we move to our new house which is still unknown.

                                                           I pack his last shirt in his bag and sit on the bed waiting for him to come back into his bedroom. I admit that i don't want him to leave, but i can't keep him here. i sigh and run a hand through my hair as my hazel eyes keep their focus on the ground. My hands on my lap as my mind begins to open up many thoughts. I'm going to miss him, his going to be gone for six months. 

                                                      " Alright we can go to the airport now'' I hear his accent and his footsteps coming into the room. I look up to see him with another bag. I force him a smile as i stand up and walk towards him.

                                                              He gives me a smile back, but i can tell he was hiding how upset he was, it was written all over his eyes.

                                                                    " i don't want you to leave'' I say as he wraps his arms around my waist, i put my head on his chest.

                                                                        ''i don't want to leave you or the twins''' He says putting a finger under my chin making me look up at him, he begins to leave small kisses all over my face. Finally his lips are on mine,we stayed like that for a minute or two.

                                                                 " I want you to be with joy and your dad at all times, i don't want anything to happen" He says once we pull away. I nod, he takes my hand and we begin to walk out, his right hand holding his bag. We both walked out of the flat and into the SUV. We stayed in silences the whole car  ride was silent. I was in his arms not wanting him to let go anytime soon.

                                                   The car ride was faster than i thought we got to the airport where a bunch of fans were yelling and asking for pictures, of course we couldn't stop since security wouldn't let us. We quickly managed to walk to the private plane both bands would be taking to go to America. 

                                                                               Before Luke goes to the plane he turns and kisses my lips one more time. I pull away and give him a smile.

                                                     '' Promise to call me everyday'' he let's out a small chuckle.

                                     '' I promise babe'' I wrap my arms around him, he does the same but tighter.

                                              ''i love you Kendall'' i pull away and give him one more kiss.

                                                          '' i love you too Luke'' He smiles and places him lips on mine one last time. He walks away and makes his way to the plane. I stand in my place watching him go. In my head I'm thinking six months will be over soon. But then again what will i be doing in those six months ?

                                   '' Kendall we have to go'' Mark says, i nod and begin to walk with him back to the SUV.


                                                                      I arrive to my Aunt Joy's house to see her playing with Tucker. I smile and close the door and make my way towards them.

                                                             '' Hey honey'' she says as i sit down on the couch.

                                                                          ''Hi'' She raises an eyebrow. She moves her blonde hair back and throws Tucker his toy and makes her way towards me.

                                                                ''what's wrong ?''i look down at my hands and sigh.

                                                   '' i just, i don't know. i mean i didn't want Luke to leave but i know he has to'' She pats my back and smiles at me.

                                                               ''don't worry, he'll be back as soon as you know it. does six months are going to fly be fast. in the mean while you can start looking for a house, wedding plans and you have kids that you have to take care of now." I smile and nod.

                                     '' Thank you, and speaking of the twins where are they ?'' She points to the stairs.

                                       '' Your welcome, and I'm pretty sure Romeo is awake'' I nod and stand up.

                                                   ''Alright let me go check up on them and I'll be back'' She nods as i quickly walk upstairs and into Cal's old bedroom. I open the door to the room. The walls were painted blue on Romeo's side of the room and pink on little Kendall's side. We had manage to get their cribs and drawers out together nicely. We made sure not to buy them so many things since we were only going to be here temporary.

                                                              I make my way towards Romeo, surprising he was sleeping. i smile and lean over to kiss his forehead. I walk to Kendall's crib to find her awake and looking at the ceiling. i smile and pick her up, i give her a quick change and then bring her downstairs with me. I walk to the Kitchen to see my Aunt Joy in the kitchen. 

                                                           '' so when exactly are you and my dad going to get married ?'' i ask as i look in the fridge for some food. I hear her laugh at my question.

                                                                                 '' i actually have no idea. i haven't planned anything at all. I want it to be soon. I don't know about your father though'' i laugh as i sit down with little Kendall on my lap.

                                                                  '' well since I'm free i can be your wedding planner. no charge of course'' I say with a proud smile. I feed Kendall her milk out of her purple bottle.

                                                   '' that's not a bad idea, i want it to be summer anyways so we months'' i nod as she puts her long blonde hair in a ponytail.

                                                              '' Summer weddings are lovely, i can't wait'' we both continue to talk and make little Kendall laugh.  After eating dinner and waking up Romeo and going on our walk night approached fast. The twins were sleeping, Aunt Joy and my dad went to go see some movies and i well i was in my bed room doing nothing.

                                                      My mind had been thinking about Luke and how this next few months were going to be like. I wanted to be beside him, but i knew that wouldn't happen not for awhile at least.

                                                                   Who knows anything can happen.

                                                    a/n- hey guys hope you liked the chapter. sorry for the long wait again. Summer's here and I've been traveling with my friends and my boyfriend. if you haven't noticed I've been changing my bio and putting stuff like Italy and Greece, that's because i wanted to let you guys know the places i have been visiting. I'm currently  in Verona, Italy but will be leaving to go to Bora Bora. Anyways this book is going to be ending really soon i don't know when but i know it's going to be this summer.

                             Also please check out my mumbles. i had recently put a link to a petition to stop the yulin yu festival in china. For does of you who don't know what it's basically a festival where they sell dogs. The beat the dogs up to death leave them without water and food take them away from their owners and boiled alive. this is a very serious subject and it makes me cry every time it's brought up. please please please go and sign the petition to stop this festival, it's cruel and disgusted that humans can do such a thing. i pray for every dog to have been abused. 

                                                so don't forget to go sign the petition on my mumbles. i love you all so much, please stay safe and stay strong love you all. xoxo        

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