Anything For Us l.h

This is the third book to Anything Can happen.
©Copyrights of Jen Hemmings 2014 all rights reserved.


20. xx.

                                                                    After waiting for wait seemed like years the nurse comes back, with a blue blanket. I stand up from my seat and watch her walk towards me. I hear Joy let out an 'aw'. 

                                                                     " Here is your baby boy" I go to reach the baby and carry him. He was awake, he made a small laugh. I couldn't help the tears in my eyes fall down my cheeks, my lips forming a smile.

                                                                        " Luke he looks like you" Cal says while adding a laugh. Before i can speak to him the nurse comes back with a pink blanket.

                                                                        '' Twins !" Joy says, Alex and i laugh. 

                                                                             " You can hold him" I say to Joy, she smiles and takes my baby from me. I go to grab my baby girl, instead of laughing she's crying.

                                                               " Oh god, your going to have a hard time with her" Cal says as he looks at the baby girl in front of me.

                                                                   " No, I'll haven Kendall deal with her" I laugh, Cal and Alex laugh as well. I hand Alex the baby girl for him to carry.

                                          ''Their so beautiful" Joy says, i smile. That's the only thing I've been doing, smiling. I never thought i would be a dad at this age. But i learned that anything can happen in life.

                                                                            " Do you have any names in mind ?'' Alex asks as he gives the baby girl all his attention. I think for a minute. 

                                                              " No, i want to wait till Kendall comes back" He nods. The nurse comes back with another nurse.

                                                       " I'm sorry, but we need to take the babies to another room for their temperature to be normal, also you won't be able To see Ms. Hilton until tomorrow. We had to put her on pain killers which made her sleep. But you can see her right away tomorrow'' We all nod, i quickly kiss the top of both babies heads and let the two nurses take them away.

                                                                              * tomorrow*                  

                                                               I walk into the hospital, last night Cal drove me home wanting me to rest. After having a good sleep i realized i had woken up late, i rushed getting here wanting to see Kendall so badly. Jesy told me she was already with Kendall. I walk to the elevator and make my way to the third floor.

                                                                        Jade had told me they were getting ready to take Kendall home since she was fine. I was so happy i could jump to the moon this very moment. After getting out of the elevator i make my way to room 324 where Kendall has been staying for the past eight months. I have my hands in my pockets my eyes filled with excitement.

                                                          Finally after so long i can just wrap her around in my arms. I'm standing in front of the door to her room, i take one hand out and open the door walking in to here laughter. I walk in and close it behind me, i take a few steps and there she is, her back faced me but soon she turned around and her pink lips formed into a beautiful smile her hazel eyes lit up with joy. Her skin was tan and held a glow, she runs up to me, jumping on me. Her legs wrap themselves around my waist as my hands hold her small back, her lips on mine moving at a slow past sharing a sweet but passionate kiss. Something i wanted for so long.

                                                            " Ew i know you just woke up but can't you do that when we're not here" Jesy says ruining the moment. I pull away laughing Kendall doing the same. I put her down but don't move my hands from her.

                                                             " I'll let you two catch up, i'm going to go make Ash get me food" She says grabbing her bag.

                                         " Jesy don't you have money ?'' Kendall asks, Jesy looks up for a moment.

                                                               " no" We laugh at her and watch her walk out. Kendall turns to look up at me, her eyes seemed to be shinning brighter than ever.

                                     " i missed you so much Kendall'' She smiles as her small hand goes up to my cheek.

                                                      " I missed you too Luke,  I was scared...i was scared that i wouldn't see you again" Her voice in a whisper, i shake my head and wipe the tears away from her cheeks.

                                                        " It's all over baby girl, you're safe now" She hugs me putting her face against my chest. I wrap my arms around her making sure she felt safe.

                                                                 " He beat me... and and, Luke i don't want you to leave me" I run my hand through her hair, we were now sitting down on the bed her small fragile body on my lap.

                                                                     " I will never leave you and i won't let him come close to you again. I promise that i will protect you with everything i have until i no longer can.'' I hear her sniff at my words. Her small hand on my chest, i watch her every move. Her eyes move up to meet mine.                                                         

                                                                             " Here, let's focus on the positive things. I don't want you to think about this. Not today" She nods putting a small smile on her lips.

                               " You know you look pretty good for a women who just gave birth to two kids'' She laughs as my eyes examine her body.

                                " Did you see our kids?'' She says wiping her tears away, i give her a smile and nod.

                                                          " I didn't expect twins'' She laughs at my comment.

                                                            " Well that's a good start. I'm thinking about twenty more" My eyes go wide, she rolls her eyes playfully.

                                                                             '' that's not a lot"

                                                               " For you it might not be a lot, i only want three'' She frowns at my response, i poke her cheeks and kiss her lips.

                                           '' What are we going to name them ?'' I ask as i kiss her lips once more. She wraps her arms around my neck thinking.

                                                  " Hmm oo, how about Romeo'' I raise an eyebrow but think about it.

                                                                     " That's not bad, but i feel like his going to be a heart breaker with that name'' She laughs at me i join her adding a chuckle.

                                                      '' Alright how about Robert'' I shake my head no.

                                               '' Are we trying to torture the kid'' She slaps my chest playfully.       

                                                    '' You're so funny Lucas'' I smile and adjust my hands.

                                              " I like Romeo, What about the girl ?'' She thinks for a moment.

                                                           " You can pick'' I nod and think, names run through my mind but they're not right for out baby girl. I look at Kendall whose making circles on my chest with her finger. And then it clicks.

                                          '' Kendall, just like you" She looks up at me stopping what she's doing.

                     " Kendall, well that's unique I've never heard anyone with that  name before'' I roll my eyes playfully.

                        " Oh come on, i bet she's going to look like you when she's older.'' She takes it into consideration.                                                                                " Alright, Let's go tell the others now please'' I laugh but nod. She stands up and takes my hand leading me out of the room. But she stops and looks at me.

                                                              '' Where exactly is everyone ?'' I laugh at her. Her face is filled with confusion while she scratches her head.

                                                                  '' come one i'll lead you'' she nods and we begin to walk to the waiting room her hand in mine as we talk. Once we were in the waiting room we saw everyone there and when i mean everyone i mean everyone. 

                               Zayn, Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis,Ana,  El, Sophia, Jesy, Jade, Leigh Anne, Becky, Austin, Cal, Ash, Mikey, Alex, Joy and Simon.

                                                                 " Aye look the new parents" Cal says, Everyone let's out a yell but soon get hushed by the nurses. Everyone almost attacked Kendall with hugs. The room was filled with tears of joy, smiles and laughs as Kendall received hugs and i got some pats on the backs. 

                                                                       " Did you guys come up with names for the twins ?'' El asks, Louis has an arm wrapped around her.

                                                                       " Yeah we did... Kendall and Romeo" The girls squeal, while the boys howl. Once again they all get hushed again.

                                                                   '' My nephews going to be a heart breaker" Cal says with a proud smile which earns him a slap from Jade.                                                           

                                                                       '' This calls for a  celebration. We can throw a party next week " Simon says and we all nod our heads in agreement.

                                                                      " Well in the mean time how about we go home and let Kendall rest'' Alex offers. We throw in a couple of yes and make our way to the exit. 

                                                 Kendall was awake, we're happy, our kids our still in the hospital but health. Everything was perfect.


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